Thursday, January 18, 2018

Red Card System - Ensuring Safety for All

Did you receive an email with subject line "Notification"?

Is a Notification a Red Card?
No.  This is not a Red Card.  A Red Card Notification serves to educate and clarify the intentions of our Staff and Management team.  It also serves as a platform to open a dialogue, between management and clients.  Our intention is always to keep you (the client) safe, along with the physical and emotional safety of other clients and our Staff.  Your account will have a notification, which will be removed after 30 days. 

What a Notification means:
We understand that accountability is an important growth opportunity.  Our Academy values are based on Growth, Integrity, and Friendship, and we uphold those values through our agency to communicate with one another.  Whenever there is an issue, it’s important we be diligent on obtaining facts, so that we can make informed decisions.  To preserve our Values, we have certain rules, guidelines, and behaviors that need to be enforced.  Our Trainers and Management Team are assigned the role of enforcing our Values, Rules, Guidelines, and Behaviors.  Our number one priority is to keep our clients safe (physically and emotionally).  The Academy relies on the knowledge, wisdom, and stewardship of our Staff to direct and instruct clients in a way that keeps everyone safe, protecting individuals, and our institution.  A Notification serves as an official document on file for all parties, that there is an issue (isolated and/or ongoing), that needs to be addressed.  This notification also serves to educate our clients about our Red Card system and what it entails.   

What is a Red Card? 
A Red Card is a disciplinary action taken on behalf of Free Flow Academy to enforce rules and behaviors that protect our clients and employees.  The Red Card System serves as an official notification, warning, and ultimately suspension system.  To be issued a Red Card, Free Flow Management must receive three complaints from three different people (Staff, Management, and/or Clients).  Red Cards can be distributed without three complaints if the offense is willfully disobeying our safety rules.  Class and Open gym theft can result in immediate and permanent expulsion from the Academy. 

To protect the integrity of the system, we give people many opportunities to adhere to our policies.  If an instructor feels they need to issue a Red Card, it must be approved by Management if there have not been any other complaints against the client.  Management will not approve a Red Card if it’s a first-time offense.  If there are repeat offenses, it’s likely a Red Card will be issued. 

We also consider that not all personalities mix well.  Our goal is to make sure you thrive.  It is not our goal to lose your business, lose other clients, or lose employees.  Which is why we have 30+ Trainers and Staff to accommodate clients, and a Red Card system to accommodate Staff.  We are very careful about issuing Red Cards.  Trainers and Staff are not perfect, and sometimes we make mistakes.  Which is why we will not issue a Red Card unless there are three complaints from three different people. 

If you feel this notification was given to you in error, feel free to email us at  If you have additional feedback on how the situation could have been handled more effectively by our Staff, you can fill out the following questions:

Did the Trainer/Manager on Duty use language and demeanor that is professional, with clear and direct instruction?  If not, please explain.

Did the Trainer/Manager uphold our Academy rules?  If not, please explain.

Did you feel the Trainer/Manager had your best interest, the interests of others, and the Academy in mind? 

What can we do to better serve you?

Have you had a chance to review our Member Orientation?  Here is the link:

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Facility Rentals

Renting our facility for your next event is not only fun and exciting, but also cost effective.  Our rates start at just $150/hr (excluding the dojo), and $200/hr for the entire facility.  This is for events under 50 people.  If you expect more than 50 people, we can create a custom quote for you by emailing the front desk at  If you are aren't certain how many people will be coming to your birthday party, Facility Rentals may be the best option.  Our facility rentals are available on Saturday's after 6:30pm, Sunday's, or during our holiday and closure dates.

Events we've hosted:  Nerf Battles, Performance Showcases, Film Screenings, Larping Events, Haunted Obstacle Course, Dances, Martial Arts Tournaments, Competitions, Non-profit events, Auctions, Art Galleries, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Retreats, and more...

Facility Feature Overview:

Main Floor:
80'x30' Tumbling floor
180' Parkour Course
5 Aerial Silks
1 Aerial Sphere
1 Lyra
1 Corde Lisse

Main Floor Structures (Partial List):
8' Warped Wall
24'x16'x6.5' Foam Pit
10' Tower
12' Tower
Jungle Gym
Vaults (2', 3', 4')
Mats (Landing Mats, Panel Mats, Resi Mats, Sm/Med/Large Octagons, Wedges)
10'x10' Music Studio

Dojo (Partial List):
30'x30' Martial Arts Floor
Archery/Weapon Targets
Pull up Bars
Wooden Dummy
Muay Thai Bags
Boxing Bags
Wave masters
Loaner Gear
Medicine Balls


10'x10' Green Screen
100" Projector Screen
150 Chairs
5 Easles with White Boards and/or Cork boards

If you need something specific for your event, just ask!  We might just have it.

Our facility is an amazing location for photo shoots and video shoots!  Plus... we can provide talent!

We've even held organic gardening workshops led by Master Gardeners

Our floors are not permanent - therefore we can adapt to many different types of events.  We can simply roll up our mats and your creatively begins.

Panoptic Chopsticks Action Photography Workshop 2017

Panoptic Chopsticks Action Photography Workshop 2017

Our facility is 12,500 sq. ft.

We have a large party room with tables and chairs

Monday, December 4, 2017

2018 Survival Training & Outdoor Preparation Courses

Free Flow Academy is a proud partner and affiliate of S.T.O.P (Survival Training & Outdoor Preparation) .

Free Flow Academy clients receive a 20% discount.  CODE: FREEFLOW when registering to save!  Must RSVP 2 weeks before event
Location:  Free Flow Academy

For more information on S.T.O.P Click HERE

2018 Event Calendar:

Disaster Preparedness and 72 Hour Kit/Go Bag Prep
February 11th
September 22nd

CPR/First Aid Certification 
February 17th

Wilderness First Aid and Apothecary Class
March 3/4
November 3/4

Active Shooter and Unlawful Detainment
April 8th
October 21

Urban Movement and Grey Man Theory
May 19/20th

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Parkour Olympic Challenge - Results

Parkour Olympic Challenge Results
2017 Fall Quarter Parkour Olympic Challenge Winners
Congratulations to everyone who competed!  Our next Challenge will be January 2018.  Stay tuned or ask Coach Corey for details (  
  • 5-8 (NA)
  • 9-13 (Matthew Maxim) 1:41.79
  • 14 + (Ryan Robinson)  1:13.72
Olympic Challenges
  • (Teen/Adult) Thief Precision - 3’
  • Kong Precision -
  • (9-13) Standing Precision (Matthew Maxim) 7’
  • (5-8) Standing Precision (Jordan Wall) 4’ 11”
  • (Teen/Adult)Standing Precision - (Brad Langston) 7’ 8”
  • (5-8) Running Precision - (Audric Pail) 4’ 10”
  • (9-13) Running Precision (Matthew Maxim) 8’3”
  • (Teen/Adult) Running Precision - (Brad Langston) 7’ 8”
  • (Teen/Adult) Lache Precision - (Brad Langston) 7’ 3”
  • (Teen/Adult) Lache Cat - (Ryan Robinson) 8’ 2”
  • (5-8) Tac to Precision - (AJ Pail) 5’ 4”
  • (9-13) Tac To Precision - (Matthew Maxim) 6’ 9”
  • (Teen/Adult) Tac to Precision - (Brad Langston) 6’
(Events for Height)
  • Highest Box Jump
  • Dyno
  • (5-8) Wall Run - (Jordan Wall) 5’ 11”
  • (9-13) Wall Run - (Matthew Maxim) 10’ 3”
  • (Teen/Adult) Wall Run - (Ryan Robinson) 11’ 2”
  • Front Flips 
(Events for Reps or for Time)
  • (Teen/Adult) Longest Hang (Brad Langston) 1:04.33
  • (5-8) Longest Hang - (Bruce Langston) 1:19.11
  • (5-8) 5 Cat Climb Ups for Time - (Audric Pail) 23.96
  • (Teen/Adult) 5 Cat Climb Ups for time - (Tyler Pomerance) 49.63
  • Most Muscle ups
  • Most Pull Overs
  • (5-8) Longest Rail Balance - (AJ Pail) 49.27
  • (9-13) Longest Rail Balance - (Matthew Maxim) 29.94
  • (Teen/Adult) Longest Rail Balance - (Brad Langston) 1:30.29
  • Longest Handstand
(Events for Speed)
  • (Teen/Adult) 100m run (Ryan Robinson) 11:45 seconds
  • 400m run
  • 800m run
  • (9-13) 100m Quadrupedal Movement (Matthew Maxim) 48.45
  • (Events for Technique/Landing)
  • Quietest Backflip

Free Flow Academy Class Description - CONTEMPORARY DANCE

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.  Many dancers in the commercial/competition world refer to their contemporary jazz as contemporary. Just like a Picasso is different than a Monet, modern dance is different than ballet. Contemporary Dance is a collaborative style that includes modern, jazz, ballet, and hip hop elements.

Free Flow Academy's Contemporary Dance program is for students looking to achieve proficiency or mastery in basic movement fundamentals - flexibility, strength, poise, rhythm, coordination, spacial awareness, physical confidence, and motor fitness.  Our program is designed to build a strong foundation in movement, while developing skills that can translate to other movement disciplines.  We also prepare students to enter our media program if their goal is to perform in stage, films, and musicals.

Movements are progression based.  Students will learn basic hand and foot positions (ballet), turns, leaps, choreography, and other movements that build a foundation for more advanced techniques.

Jazz shoes are required for this class.  Some dances will be taught barefoot, but shoes will be needed for many types of routines, especially for students looking to do film or musicals.  We also recommend wearing tight fitted clothing, such as leggings and leotards.  We recommend Capezio Jazz Shoes.

Our Dance program follows our 3/7 Core Values - Growth, Integrity, and Friendship.  Free Flow Academy Participants and Staff commit to 3 main core values. Each of these core values have 7 influences that guide and direct the characteristics of each value, and serve as a continual reminder to our own pursuit of excellence. our community is diversified, however we share a common mindset that unifies and establishes an optimal environment for innovation as well as pursuits that serve the hive, and the individual.

All people of goodwill and Genuine spirit are welcome to join our community and adopt our growth mindset. Here you will find we praise effort and talent. As long as you are willing to work and grow, you will find a place here among us.

Click here to view our SKILL SHEETS

Click here to read about our TRAINERS (Ms. Melissa) (Ms. Elle)

Free Flow Academy - Instructor Bio - Ms. Melissa

Education & Instruction

Melissa has 4 years of comprehensive dance training in the disciplines of Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Contemporary dance. These disciplines emphasized the technical, theatrical, creative, and fitness components of dance, including daily instruction on technique, dance history, theory, choreography, and artistry.  Melissa has been teaching and choreographing song and dance numbers to children ages 6+ for the past 3 years.  She loves working with children, having 2 of her own.  She has recently taken up Aerial Silks to challenge herself as a dancer and athlete.  Her and her husband also enjoy partner dancing.  She is hungry to grow the dance department at Free Flow Academy, and isn't afraid of a new challenge.  Her pioneering spirit and visionary mind is what makes Ms. Melissa such a valuable addition to the Free Flow Academy team, and we are excited to have her!