Friday, February 5, 2016

3 Tiers of Health

New Member Rules/Safety Orientation

Meet the Coaches and their Specialties!

Coach Corey - Co-Founder Free Flow Academy - Head Parkour Instructor - Head of Programming
Coach Elle - Co-Founder Free Flow Academy - Head Martial Arts Instructor - Head of Programming
Acting Coach & Choreographer
Shi Fu Lon Beyer - Co-Founder Free Flow Academy - Head of Martial Arts Department - Head Office Management - Head Music Instructor - Group Voice Coach, Group Guitar Coach

Coach Joe - Head Parkour Instructor & Manager

Coach Stephanie - Head Aerial Instructor 
Coach Doug - Senior Parkour Instructor - Free Flow Academy Master Builder

Coach John - Head Art Instructor - Free Flow Academy Master Builder - Senior Parkour Instructor

Coach Will - Senior Parkour Instructor

Coach Jess - Head Aerial Instructor

Coach Jason - Junior Parkour Instructor

Coach Paige - Senior Parkour & Freerunning Instructor

Coach Chris - Senior Parkour, Freerunning, & Tumbling Instructor

Coach Matt - Junior Martial Arts & Parkour Instructor - COACHING SPECIALTY:  GROUND GAME (MARTIAL ARTS) & BARS (PARKOUR)
Coach Josh - Senior Parkour Instructor and Head Beginning - Advanced Tumbling Instructor - COACHING SPECIALTY:  TECHNIQUE AND PRECISION
Coach Colton - Junior Parkour Instructor - COACH SPECIALTY: GREAT WITH KIDS & BASICS
Coach Tyler - Junior Parkour & Freerunning Instructor - COACH SPECIALTY:  GREAT WITH KIDS, ACROBATICS, PERFORMING
Coach Grace - Senior Aerial Instructor - COACH SPECIALTY:  DROPS & STRENGTH TRAINING

Coach Hank - Specialty:  Birthday Party Master and Tumbling/Stunt & Film Apprentice
Coach Eddy - Junior Parkour Instructor - COACH SPECIALTY:  VAULTING & GREAT WITH KIDS

Coach Abi - Junior Aerial Silks Instructor - COACH SPECIALTY:  Fundamentals, Sequencing, and Variations of Movements

Coach Jhet - Junior Kung Fu Instructor - COACH SPECIALTY:  Close Quarter Combat, Well rounded on Weapons Training, and Fundamentals

Coach Kage - Junior Parkour Instructor - Front Desk COACH SPECIALTY: Vaulting and Fundamentals

Thursday, February 4, 2016

3/7 Core Values

Free Flow Academy's Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Athletics

At Free Flow Academy we are bridging the gap between Western and Eastern Kinesiology. Western Kinesiology has made incredible advancements in technology and human performance, however the
ancient wisdom, knowledge, and traditional practice of Eastern Kinesiology continues to be the forefront of the development of the worlds most elite athletes. It is our belief that accessing the Science and Application of both hemispheres will prove to be a comprehensive and evolving approach to movement and skill development.
Free Flow Academy is creating and providing a true Cross-Disciplinary approach to athletics. Whether you want to specialize in a single skill or craft, or take the well-rounded approach, we will be able to serve your goals by structuring our Disciplines with the following guidelines:
1) Safe and Effective Cross Disciplinary training takes careful planning.
2) Some fundamentals of movement translate to other disciplines.
3) Statistically there are risk factors when engaging in any activity, so our approach is to minimize those risk factors by proposing that athletes and artists take a balanced approach to their training. We encourage the coaches and athletes to "Do the Math" so that we can avoid and eliminate any and all high risk factors.
4) We deconstruct the main learning components necessary to master the discipline.
5) We follow the 80/20 rule, whereas we extract 20% of the fundamental/defining skill sets that are responsible for attaining/achieving 80% of all other skill sets.
6) We create an order and process for each skill progression.
7) We create emotional leverage that motivate our students to achieve and progress.
8) We are able to compress our knowledge in an easy to understand "skill sheet" to provide useful, easy to understand, and valuable literature to progress our clients.
9) We set goals that measure the best duration and frequency for athletes to achieve their goals with consideration to their limits and lifestyle factors.
10) We create mental anchors for methodologies so that it is easy to remember and give our clients to store and process data in an efficient and useful manner.

Movement Departments (Click on the Discipline to Access Skill Sheets):
Aerial Arts (Silks, Lyra, Corde Lisse)
Dance (Belly Dance, Fire Dance)

Mindfulness Departments:
Art (DIY Craftsmanship, Fine Arts)
Music (Group Voice, Group Guitar)
Acting (Kids, Teen/Adult)
Student Orientations and Classes have the following integral themes and standards, introduced and related:
F) Human Anatomy - An Overview
H) Injury Prevention
I) Injury Rehabilitation

Intermediate/Advanced Parkour & Freerunning Skill Sheet

Our Skill Sheets are used to track progress and graduate students into higher levels of learning.


Skill sheets are used to track student's progress.  Be sure you are communicating with your coach on your skill level so that we can graduate you into Intermediate/Advanced levels!

Parkour/Freerunning Class Description

Additional Skill Sheets

Intermediate/Advanced Parkour & Freerunning
Beginner Tumbling
Intermediate Tumbling
Advanced Tumbling
Beginner Kung Fu
Intermediate/Advanced Kung Fu
Beginner/Intermediate Ju Jitsu
Aerial Silks Rigging/Safety Protocol
Beginner Aerial Silks
Intermediate Aerial Silks
Stunt Academy Skill Sheet