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Parkour Olympic Challenge Results - June 2018 Summer Camps

Parkour Olympic Challenge is an event that takes place on the Friday of every summer camp. Here we test skills in a friendly competitive setting, to give the kids a chance to grow, and try their movement discipline in the form of an organized sport.  It's an opportunity to recognize the strengths of the students and build character through teamwork and sportsmanship. 

Each student has a chance to practice self-mastery through the study of a Movement Discipline.  It's important each child understands that they can be a part of a supportive and positive community, that will encourage and challenge the individual, to exceed their own expectations.    

6/11 Parkour & Freerunning Summer Camp

Tortals - Michael, Nicholas, Cal, Rylie, Gaia
Best Name - Tim, Jonathan, Andrew, Tyler
Flosceraptors - Easton, Reed, Brody, Nathan, Zachary 

Thief Precision - Flosceraptors
Kong Precision - Best Name

Precision - Best Name
Running Precision - Best Name

Longest Hang - Flosceraptors
5 Cat Climb Ups for time - Tortals
Warped wall - Flosceraptors

Tallest Wall Run - Best Name
Cat to Cat - Flosceraptors

Longest time Rail Balance On Feet - Flosceraptors
Longest time Rail Balance Quadrupedal Movement - Flosceraptors

Longest Handstand - Tortals

6/18 Parkour & Tumbling Summer Camp

Thief Precision - Matteo
Kong Precision - Will

Precision - Matteo
Running Precision - Matteo

Longest Hang - Nico
5 Cat Climb Ups for time - Nico
Warped wall - Matteo

Tallest Wall Run - Matteo

Longest dist Rail Balance On Feet - Dominic
Longest dist Rail Balance Quadrupedal Movement - Matteo
Longest time Rail Balance On Feet - Nico
Longest time Rail Balance Quadrupedal Movement - Nico

Longest Handstand - Chase
Best Foam Pit Trick - Will

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Our Online Self Defense Course made it to the Top 23

"Self Defense for Badass Women: Strike to Injure and Escape" made the list of the 23 Best Online Courses on Self Defense. Check out the review here -

Free Flow Academy's Self Defense Curriculum "Survival Science" was developed by Co-Founders Lon and Elle Beyer, and Martial Arts/Biomechanist Colton Fuller.  Professional Video and Photography by Michael Poole

The course was originally released online via 4 free videos with the option to buy the full course.  

Now the full course is offered on Udemy and Skillshare.  

The self defense course was designed as a direct response to the human trafficking issue in Sacramento County.  In 2013 the FBI ranked Sacramento as the second worst city in the US for human trafficking.  Martial Arts Expert/Co-Founder of Free Flow Academy - Elle Beyer decided to create a curriculum specifically for young girls and women ages 12-34 (the highest risk group for sexual assault and human trafficking).  She recruited her husband Shifu Lon Beyer, and colleagues Colton Fuller and Michael Poole to get on board with the project. She believed the best way to train the highest risk group for sexual assault, was to give them the complete and honest truth about the nature of being attacked.  She herself being nearly kidnapped and raped on two separate occasions (one of which was a near gang rape).  Her escape from the attackers had a profound effect on her, and was the catalyst for devoting so much of her time and energy into studying martial arts.  

After 15+ years of training she came to realize that training will do nothing for you, if you don't know how to play the mind game with the attackers. She delves into the "Dark Triad" and teaches practical psychology, so that young women can understand how they are being manipulated.  Most sexual assaults are committed by people they know and even trust.  Human Trafficking is a lifestyle that many girls are "lured" into through manipulation and exploitation.  Rather than teaching a multitude of techniques that cause information overload, she focuses on principles of movement, getting into shape, and finding a deep and primal will to survive at all cost.  "You're Life is Worth Protecting" is the motto. 

Other than the mental training, she teaches principles of movement, and how understanding the laws of physics is helpful, not because you can use it to your advantage, but because you know it will be your disadvantage.  A predator always preys on someone they think they can outsmart or physically dominate.  So she went out into the field, into downtown Sac, nearby parks, ect... to test their principles of movement on willing strangers/volunteers.  She would always pick the biggest guy around.  She had men 225 lb or larger restrain her, pull her hair, mount her, strangle her... Most of the techniques and principles worked.  But one time she had to fight off a trained MMA fighter.  As usual, the fight is always ugly, never goes as planned, and you have to continue to fight, even if you are raped.  Fighting for your life is primal, and there is no "one technique" that will save you.  You have to understand a few basic principles - fighting back verbally, attack to create space/injure, and flee. 

The course was recently voted TOP 23 ONLINE SELF DEFENSE COURSES


Friday, June 8, 2018

Parkour Olympic Challenge Events and Registration

Our Next Parkour Olympic Challenge take place Fall 2018! Stay tuned on upcoming details. In the meantime take a look at the events, get with your coach and see what you can work on.

Parkour Olympic Challenge

Thief Precision
Kong Precision
Running Precision
Highest Box Jump

Lache Precision
Lache Cat

Longest Hang
5 Cat Climb Ups for time
Dyno For Height
Most Muscle ups (Classes - W/ Elbows, and w/o Elbows)
Most Pull Overs

Tallest Wall Run
Cat to Cat
Tac to Precision

100m run
400m run
800m run

Longest Rail Balance On Feet
Longest Rail Balance Quadrupedal Movement

Quietest Backflip
Highest Front Flip
Furthest Side Flip

Longest Handstand

Friday, May 25, 2018

Intro Aerial Silks Class Skill Sheet

We Strongly Recommend all free trials and new students attend an Intro Aerial Silks Class and check off the following skills before attending a Beginner Level Aerial Silks Class.  We want to start you off with success and give you a strong foundation, so you can continue to build skills and sequences.  You are not required to attend an Intro class (you can do your free trial in a Beginner Level), but you will get the most value by attending an Intro Class when first starting out.  If you have any questions, feel free to direct the to the front desk: 

Hip Balance (while spinning)

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Movement as a Modality for Personal Development and Play Based Learning

I'll admit.  The past 6 years have been a wild ride.  Opening Free Flow Academy has been the most challenging and rewarding projects I have ever done.  You have to be a gladiator to own a business.  Sometimes you do it to honor something greater than yourself.  Sometimes you do it for the challenge.  Sometimes you do it for the money.  I didn't do it for the money.  I did it for the challenge and for the opportunity. I can assure you, this has never been, and never will be for money.  I've been told that's BS.  Everyone goes into business to make money.  If you don't, you die.  I will say,  I do it for sustainability.  I want to devote myself to movement and creativity and be able to pay the bills while I'm at it.  I want to inspire people to move dynamically, because simply put, I love movement.  It changes people for the better.  It changes people at the molecular and cellular level.  And it makes this world a better place.  I feel truly blessed I don't wake up in the morning having to prepare myself to perform open heart surgery on a 6 year old.  I'm so grateful for the people in this world that can withstand that kind of work related intellectual and emotional stress.  I get to wake up and work with kids and adults, to better their life in some small way.  I get to educate and teach in many different forms, from teaching classes, to workshops, to online curriculum, to storytelling.  To me, it's all teaching.  My job is simple.  To help prepare people for their world.  To give them the tools they need to cope with the challenges they will face.  To give them a greater sense of belonging and connection to this world and to the people in it.  I think what I do is a form of preventative medicine.  And it's also a form of Warrior Training.

Choreographer/Artistic Director - "Kadaash Zoku" Student Showcase

I write this post as an open journal.  To explain my thoughts on play-based learning.  At this point in my career I have taught thousands of students.  I've taught students Kung Fu, Dance, Acting, and Parkour.  Every discipline offers something unique and extremely valuable.  All of them build character, and teach practitioners a mindset that will help them in life. Different individuals require different things.  And different groups have different needs.

Free Flow Academy - Kung Fu Class

Horizon School District Guest Speaker - "Movement and Mental Health"

I have a group of students currently, who need a lot of creative ownership.  They don't do well learning choreography.  It's not empowering to them.  It's rather stifling.  So instead of having them do choreography and structured routines, I set some basic rules:  1) Warm-up and Stretching is Required 2) Your Commitment to Each Other is Required.

For this particular group, I decided play-based learning was the most effective approach.  They must warm up and stretch with me.  After that, I guide them through their own creativity and I play mediator.  They get to be in charge and create their own dance.  Here the creativity flows.  They come up with all sorts of themes and ideas I would have never imagined.  I give them pointers on how to make the movements they are creating more dynamic and graceful.  But other than that, it's their brainchild.  They work together as a team.  And they must commit to each other's ideas.  One student had trouble committing to the work of others.  She didn't want to do anything if it wasn't her idea.  She even hated her own ideas (not at first, but later when the dance wasn't panning out to her expectations).  I worked with her on commitment and follow through, as well as listening to others.  Being kind to her friends, and more importantly, being kind to herself.  She needed constant reminders to not beat herself up.  I think her becoming self aware of this habit is the most important thing she'll probably learn all year.  Today was the first day she didn't complain once about the ideas of others.  And today was also the first day she didn't beat herself up about some small mistake she thought she made. 

As a teacher I hope to bridge communities.  That is a spiritual calling  I feel I have.  But I also hope to inspire compassion and joy.  As humans we have the power to create.  We are the only species on the planet that can create life, technology, art in all of it's complexities, modes of transportation, energy, and even resources that sustain not only our lives, but all life on this planet!  We need to find joy in our ability to create!  But first we need to be aware of the power of creation.  Creating is basically a super power and a gift.  Recognizing it as such helps us find joy in that process.  We create through play, and play helps us create.  When my students make something, it might not be what I would have made for them.  But it doesn't matter.  In the grand scheme of things, the most important thing to achieve is realizing joy through your own work.  And that is play-based learning.  Play-based learning is finding joy through your own creation.  And that is a life skill everyone can use.  So get out there and play.  Rechild Yourself!

- Ms. Elle

Free Flow Academy - Acting Class (Seasonally Offered through Media Academy)

Free Flow Academy - "Exploration Movement" Adventure Retreat

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Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Will

Hello everyone, my name is Coach Will. I stumbled across parkour about 8 years ago and have loved training with the amazing crew that created Free Flow Academy. Prior to becoming a coach at Free Flow, I was a martial arts instructor for kids, and occasionally adults, for about 10 years. Through martial arts, I gained a healthy respect for structure and discipline, both of which are aspects I try to implement consistently in my class. I truly enjoy working with kids of all ages, and as a parent of three, I try to create a class that I would be happy to see my children in as well.

During class, my main focus for parkour is to keep movements simple and efficient. In the words of one my first parkour instructors, Victor, “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.” My hope is to keep classes fun and engaging for all ages.  Due to a busy full time work schedule, and being a husband and father, I am only able to manage one class on Monday, at 6:30. I vary rarely attend events, but I’ve done a few birthdays upon request. Hope to see you guys on Mondays!

Random facts:  I play the guitar, ride a unicycle, can occasionally be seen wearing an inflatable dinosaur costume at events, and plan to become a school teacher. Oh, and I don’t yell. I just talk loud.

That's me in the Dinosaur Costume below.  It's really hot.

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Eddy

Coach Eddy first started studying parkour at the age of 10 under Coach Corey (Co-Founder of Free Flow Academy).  Eddy loves to work birthday parties and specializes in group involvement and group instruction. The group atmosphere can be both constructive and destructive in different situations, while distractions can lead to a loss in concentration. However, Eddy focuses on the idea of learning by the three main forms of instruction: auditory direction, presentation, and hands on learning to ensure kids stay safe and have a blast!

Personally, Eddy enjoys training in obstacle course format layouts, and incorporates them into his instruction. He believes that through a challenging course, not only are both short and long fibers conditioned for strength and endurance, it also brings the opportunity to take risks in a safe and controlled setting. In this, kids and adults learn proper and safe landing and bailing procedures applicable in everyday life while reducing injury in all circumstances. It also teaches the life skill of learning from one's mistakes and perseverance through difficulty.

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Kage

My name is Kage Martin and I have been doing parkour for about four years now, two of which have been here at Free Flow Academy. I am very passionate about parkour because it is a sport that allows enough freedom to express yourself as an individual. The sport really encourages creativity and discovering new ways to link together moves and techniques to create something new, and that is what I think is so different and unique about parkour. Personally, I enjoy training and teaches vaults the most. Once you have practiced them enough, they begin to feel extremely natural and become second nature to the way you move. Vaults really change the way you look at obstacles and allow you to traverse them in ways you may have never thought of before. Aside from parkour, my favorite thing to do in my free time is tinker with electronics, especially computers. They are extremely fascinating to me, and I find the internals of computers very interesting. I definitely consider myself a huge geek in this area. I also volunteer as the sound lead at a local church, which involves setting up and tearing down all of our audio equipment and making sure the audio runs smoothly every week. I deeply enjoy being involved in the church and helping out where I can.

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Corey

Coach Corey is Co-Founder of Free Flow Academy

My name is Corey Romines and I am a co-founder of Free Flow Academy, as well the Head Parkour Instructor. I have been training and teaching for nearly 10 years.  I  have been doing conventional sports (Soccer, Basketball, Swimming, and Tennis mostly) my entire life.  In high school I gravitated away from competitive sports and found rock climbing and martial arts. During that time I was introduced to Parkour and was hooked.  I started playing around with common movements and helped build the community of Sacramento Parkour. At the time I didn't realize I was cultivating a community.  I was just having fun, doing something I was, and still passionate about.  Studying the discipline of Parkour brought me to the knowledge of how the human body functions and moves.  But more importantly, it opened my mind to all of it's possibilities. 

I applied my knowledge and passion in a variety of ways, from working at a physical therapy center to hosting community jams, and working for local gymnastic centers.  I also toured Europe, backpacking and spending time with Parkour Generation Affiliates.

Parkour led me to so many different and interesting experiences, so I decided to fully commit to spreading Parkour by opening an Academy with my friends Elle and Lon Beyer.  We decided to make a business out of what we are most passionate about, and create a place where we could cultivate a love for movement in a safe and comfortable environment.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Tyler

Hi I'm Coach Tyler!  I have been training in Parkour/Freerunning for 8 years.  It's a huge passion of mine, as well as road tripping with my friends, playing guitar, and snowboarding.  I'm also passionate about performing and sharing my love of movement through photos, videos, commercials, and films.  I'm usually performing at the Free Flow Academy events, and involved with the Free Flow Media Academy.  On the side I coach Birthday Parties, Events, and After School Enrichment Programs.  Connecting with kids and helping them open up, take chances, and get out of their comfort zone is my specialty.  I hope to see you at the gym soon.  - Coach Tyler

Fun Stunt Photoshoot

In a commercial for the Oscars (ABC 10) :57

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Eli Greer

My name is Eli Taylor Greer and have been training in gymnastics/tumbling for 10 years and 6 years of experience in parkour and freerunning.  I am a Junior Parkour/Freerunning Coach and my favorite things to teach are vaults and tricks that have to do with walls such as tic tacs, cat leaps, wall runs, ect… I like to focus on keeping my students basic skills sharp so they can progress faster and easier whenever the time comes to learn a new skill. To do this I love creating obstacle courses for my classes that incorporate many basic parkour moves as well as one or two new skills so they build up their confidence in what they are familiar with while also adding new skills.

Parkour has influenced and changed my life in so many amazing ways and helps me to drown out the stress that life brings throughout the school year. It keeps me fit and always actively seeking to keep myself striving to improve my skills. I also love music.  I play trombone, Native American flute, digital music on a professional program called Reason 8, and piano. My mom is an amazing artist and she constantly comes up with new creative paintings and jewelry to make which always keeps me inspired to create.

Other than music, art, and parkour; I enjoy creating cosplay props from popular video games and movies as well as playing video games with my friends, sparring with my friends using medieval weaponry and armor, and participating in both archery and airsoft. I am a team leader and one of the original 6 people in my school's archery club.  Thanks for reading and getting to know me, I hope to see you in class.  - Coach Eli (Free Flow Academy Junior Parkour/Freerunning Instructor)

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Matt

Hey everybody, Coach Matt here. I discovered Parkour while I was going through rehab for my knee after I had two surgeries. Parkour gave me a reason to be active, better myself, and make friends. Through FreeFlow Academy, I discovered my passion for Movement Arts and began learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Through Jiu Jitsu I not only rehabbed my knee injuries, but I was able to overcome them and strive physically. I joined the Army at 17 years old and left home immediately after high school. I learned many things while in the Army; some of the more important things being perseverance, determination, and dedication. In high school, I found a love in foreign languages as well and through the Army, I learned Korean, making me trilingual, also being fluent in French. Upon my return to the Sacramento area, I began coaching Parkour at FreeFlow Academy. During my time here, I’ve developed a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class structure, as well as created a program for Foreign Language Learning. As a full time Soldier in the Army, I offer most of my classes as private lessons on evenings and/or weekends. If you’re interested in learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Parkour, French, or Korean, you can call FreeFlow Academy and ask for information on how to contact me. I hope to see you all in class! -Coach Matt

Coach Matt was featured on Free Flow Academy's Podcast.  To give it a lesson click the LINK

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Jhet

Coach Jhet has been training since the age of 10, in Kung Fu under Ms. Elle for 6 years and is currently a Junior Kung Fu Instructor at Free Flow Academy.  Coach Jhet first began training in the long range style of Kung Fu and long form weapons (such as Staff and Sword).  Jhet branched into shorter/soft weapons such as Nunchucks and even the rare Iron Fan.  From there Jhet began to cultivate an interest in close quarter combat, and for the past 3 years has focused on Wing Chun training and combatives.  Wing Chun is Coach Jhet's preferred area of focus, while also enjoying the long styles of fencing (which he applies and translates to Chinese long sword).  Coach Jhet enjoys teaching kids, as he's very creative with skill building games that inspire and motivate the kids to move dynamically, conditioning their bodies, while earning practicality.  Currently Coach Jhet teaches "Little Ninjas" and Co-Teaches Beginner Level Kung Fu.

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Mosez

Moses Rodriguez, also known as bboy Mosezwon has been in the local hip-hop community scene teaching and dancing for 14 years.  Mosez started competing at a professional level at the age of 16. Mosez has a love and appreciation for dance history and it's various lineages.  Mosez works with kids from ages 3 and up and has gained a variety of teaching styles and modalities for all ages. Mosez looks forward to inspiring more people of all ages to dance, while learning important life skills and foundation that are useful and applicable to all areas of life.

Mosez is a community cultivator - planning and coordinating local breakdance battles

Check out Mosez and his crew performing at the 2018 Total Health and Fitness Expo (Cal Expo) at :10

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Elisabeth

 Elisabeth was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada where her love for aerials blossomed as she  trained at the Vancouver Circus School training with and under Cirque du Soleil aerialists. She trained with the Vancouver Circus School, specializing in aerial silks from 2007-2012. After that she moved to the states and after many adventures settled in Lincoln where she lives now with her family. Elisabeth loves sharing her love for aerials and has taught aerial silks in Vancouver and in the Roseville area, previously teaching aerial silks for Alternative Fitness and now at Free Flow. Elisabeth loves teaching and performing aerial silks and considers her specialty choreography, telling a story through the combination of movement and music. She’s worked with students from ages zero to over 70 and enjoys tailoring each class to best suit the unique needs of her students. Her favorite part of being a member of the Free Flow family is the amazing positive and cooperative environment fostered by other coaches and students alike. She loves helping her students reach new heights and gain confidence as they achieve their goals. Beyond aerials, her other interests and hobbies include hiking, swimming, yoga, and spending time with her family.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

2nd Quarterly Parkour Olympic Challenge Results

Parkour Olympic Challenge Results
2018 Winter Quarter Parkour Olympic Challenge Winners
Congratulations to everyone who competed!  Our next Challenge will be April 2018.  Stay tuned or ask Coach Corey for details (  

5 - 8 Years
Hayden Hampleman
Course - 4:14
Longest Hang - 56.92
5 Cat Climb Ups - 24.0
Longest Balance on Feet - 1:45
Longest Rail Balance - 19.97

9 - 13 Years
Course - 5:40
Tac To Pre - 62"
Wall Run - 8'8"
400m Run - 1:28.10
Cody Jameson 
Standing Precision - 5'6"
Ethan Hindman
Side Flip Distance - 5'10"
Longest Hang - 36.6sec
100m Run - 16.04sec
Max Schofield
Cat to Cat - 7' 11"
Lache to Cat - 9' 4"
Dyno - 37' 6"
Wall Run - 10' 6"
Longest Hang 2:01.17
Pull Overs - 6
Longest Balance - 10:23.55
400m Run - 1:08.07

Friday, February 9, 2018

Creating Sustainable Proof of Concepts within our Stunt & Film Program

How we are creating Sustainable Proof of Concepts within our Programming to give our Artists the best possible chances of Visibility and Opportunity:

Itemized List of Production Costs on the “No-Budget Feature Film” (Proof of Concept)

We don’t pay for our scripts.  We write them ourselves, which means years of free labor we’ve put in. 
Camera Equipment
$500-$800 – repairs/upgrades to cameras, batteries, ect…

$240-$350 – for software programs and licenses

(One plugin to our software can cost upwards of $700/each, but thanks to AOF, we’ve gotten $5,000 worth of software plug-ins for FREE).  Our operations are professional, high end tech, and on the cutting edge of industry standards.
We invested tens of thousands of dollars into camera equipment early on so that we could make our films.  This means you aren’t paying for the rental or initial investment of any camera equipment.  But we often have to make repairs/replace parts, or purchase software.  We set aside a budget to cover the wear/tear on our equipment and the software memberships that we need to make the films.
Actors/Stunt Players
We don’t pay our actors or stunt players (yet).  We use our students so they get the visibility and credit for making an awesome movie. 
We don’t pay our crew (yet), we use our students and helpful volunteers, and ourselves to do the labor necessary to make the film.
Rehearsal Location
Media Academy student tuition does not go towards paying for Free Flow Academy business expenses of Rent/Insurance/Employee Salaries, Utilities… ect.  All the tuition money goes directly into making the production. 
Filming Locations
We rely on our cast/crew to deliver up many of the locations (private properties, personal homes, nearby public parks (which are often free to shoot in/permits are free) ect…
$20-$100 per character

We usually have to spend money on costumes, depending on the type of project.  For “Immortal Fist” it was our biggest expense.  One mask cost $70, and wardrobe cost was around $20-$30 per character.  It all added up even when some actors wore their own clothing.  Expect to wear your own clothing in some scenes, or perhaps for the entire film. 
Again this depends on the project.  For “Immortal Fist” we needed a lot of cool looking weapons and interesting props to make the characters and scenes dynamic.  They were also part of the storyline. 
Food/Craft Service
Generally on a no-budget film, food is the biggest expense.  It is industry etiquette to, at the very least, feed your people.  But we also know most of our talent and crew still live at home and usually can’t handle long hours on set anyway (we work with a lot of kids), so we ask everyone pack their own food/snacks.    
We can’t get around this one, we have to be insured in order to operate our business.  And the State of CA does require filming permits, even if you’re doing it on private property.
We do all of this in house.  We don’t have to pay anyone for post-production costs.
Music Licensing
$500 is our budget.  This covers the license costs on small indie license fees.

Bigger labels charge $700-$1000 per minute of song use
Even when we are using indie/local artists, and trading for credit, there are still costs that come with music.  Sometimes it’s a software program we need to get for sound effects, or one time license fee for some songs on the net.  It’s really important we cover our basis on getting the proper clearances because if we don’t, that can sabotage the entire production.  We cannot get a distribution deal if our clearances are not in place. 
We lost around $1,000 worth of lighting on our last production.  They didn’t like the rain/moisture in the air that poured down upon us unexpectedly.  But we were able to make repairs for a few hundred dollars. 

Our total Production Budget for above items is estimated at $3,000

What about teachers? 
Yes, we do need to pay teachers to run the weekly stunt and film workshops.  Free Flow Media Academy is FIRST and foremost an enriching educational opportunity.  We pay our teachers hourly for the time and energy they spend with the students over the course of 3 months.  We usually have 5-7 coaches working with students throughout the course of the 12-week program.  This cost is factored in and usually takes up our remaining budget.  Our teacher to student ratio is around 6:1

Our Total Expenses on the Production/Program Orchestration is estimated at $5,000-$6,500 (That’s less than a school play, or a basketball tournament).  But does a school play or basketball tournament give you a professional IMDB profile?  Something to put on your resume?  An exciting extracurricular to put on your College Application?  A potential career?  A fun and exciting side hustle? Years or possibly decades of extended opportunities?  It’s a no brainer…

What about distribution costs?

-          Film Festivals
-          Film Markets
-          Aggregators
-          Self Distribution Platforms/Peer to Peer Networks

Film Festivals - We didn’t have a budget for distribution expenses when we shot “Immortal Fist”.  We came out of pocket to submit the film to film festivals, (which we got in to AOF and had our film premiered at Brenden Theaters/Palms Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, NV) and we had the opportunity to see our film on the BIG SCREEN!  We also had a Red Carpet Premiere and had the opportunity to participate in fun workshops.  It was a very enriching experience for our students, and our plan is to submit to AOF every year. 
Because we had to come out of pocket for festival expenses, we only submitted to one.  But we really should submit to 5-10 festivals so that we can have more visibility and opportunities to network with other artists.  Film Festivals are an opportunity to have your movie peer reviewed by other working artists in the industry.  Your industry peers can become your greatest allies and friends, because they will help spread the word about your film, and there is a possibility you will connect with other content creators, and help make their next movie!  Film Festivals house a wide range of talent, from directors, producers, actors, stunt players, writers, journalists, and more.  We’re going to be picky about the festivals we submit to, so we will only submit to moderate to large festivals that have a strong reputation, and have been around in the industry for years. 
Film Festival Submission Cost - $55-$200 per film

Film Markets – Film Markets are different than festivals.  This is where buyers congregate from world wide territories to purchase content for their TV stations, Cinemas, and Streaming platforms.  You want your film at all the major Film Markets such as AFM, Mipcom, and Ventana Sur.  “Immortal Fist” went to all of these Film Markets.  We did not come out of pocket to go because we landed a Distributor that pays for these expenses.  The cost is a whopping $20,000 to bring your film to these markets.  But “Immortal Fist” is now being reviewed by the Chinese censorship board, and we just landed a distribution deal in Vietnam.  Visibility/Proximity is power, and you can’t earn that, unless you’re willing to market your product.  But marketing is a major expense.  We’d like to attend the film markets in the future, so we can help sell our product.  A single badge is around $400 to enter the markets. 
Film Market Badges - $400/person ($1,200 for Sales Team) (This price is just to get in.  Once you’re in, it costs around $50 for a taco.  So… we’ll sneak in our own food)

Aggregators – Aggregators allow you to distribute your content on Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, and a number of streaming based platforms.  This is pretty much how indie content is being picked up by the major guys.  You need to “pay to play,” and drive as much traffic as possible to the “play” so that the platforms can see your content is “commercially viable.”  Having your stuff on an Aggregator also means visibility and potential sales.  You get the major portion of the proceeds on each download, so this creates a pipeline to develop the content further (for a sequel or spin off).  Our plan is to create solid proof of concepts, and give them an opportunity to become a “commercially viable” entity.  If the show makes money, we all make money, and will have a return on our investment.  That doesn’t mean we’ll refund you for the tuition costs and then some.  It means that once we’ve reached a certain payment threshold to make another project, we will then develop a project (a sequel, or spin off) in which you will be a paid performer or creative contributor.  We need to reach a specific payment threshold so that we can pay EVERYONE that was a part of the project.  So once we reach a budget where we can honorably pay everyone for their time and energy… ($10/day for a performer is NOT honorable)… meaning we will use a model that is up to par with industry standards.
Aggregator Cost – Estimated $1,200 for each streaming platform (we’ll want to do the major 3) Amazon, Netflix, and iTunes – Total is around $5,000 (We are estimating moderately because you have to do a lot of spec requirements in addition to paying the basic fees.  They get you on that, because if you don’t meet their very specific technical requirements, you can pay them to do it for you, which is usually the case from what I hear). 

Self Distribution/Peer to Peer Networks – Distributing on YouTube is free, but you are also giving away your content for free.  So the possibility of making a ROI is slim.  You need millions of hits in order to earn anything, and YouTube is paying less and less for the monetized content.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it as a last resort.  Again, visibility is a top priority.  But we always want to explore the other options before doing this.  We always want to give our Artists and our Project the best possible chances of success.  Once you distribute on a platform like YouTube, no one else will take your project.  It will be rejected by Film Festivals, and the film will be pirated, and downloaded/reposted to other channels, ect… Distributors will pass…
However, the peer to peer network is changing.  We expect some major disruptions to the industry due to some new advancements in technology, that is putting even more power/leverage into the content creators hands.  Peer to Peer networks will be using blockchain technology to change the playing field.  We are expecting some interesting new models by the end of 2018.
Estimated Cost – Unknown/Free (but we need to wait on this)

Total Estimated Marketing/Distribution Costs - $6,700 (This part we Crowdfund)

We aren’t going to ask our clients to pay for possibilities.  Which is why our tuition costs are broken down as they are.  Our clients only pay for what is concrete – the enriching educational experience.  

But we know the possibility is endless, and with a good strategy, we can optimize the experience for everyone.  Which is why we are going to crowdfund/fundraise for the distribution costs.  Remember when you were a kid and you sold candy bars to raise money for projects that may or may not come to fruition during your time at the school?  I remember my elementary school had bookoo fundraisers to build a new gym.  After years and years of fundraising we finally got the gym, and that was also the same year I graduated.  So even though I only got to use the gym a few times, my nieces and nephews now go to that school, and I feel proud that we had a hand in it’s manifestation. 

Our crowdfund campaigns will give our community and extended community a chance to get involved with project.  Your Aunt and Uncle might be named an Executive Producer, your friends and neighbors who own businesses may want some shout outs, and/or we’ll pre-sell limited edition copies with blooper extras… the point is, crowdfunding will be creative, and add a ton of value to the experience, without costing anyone a lot of money.