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Free Flow Academy Class Description - PERFORMING ARTS...Guitar, Voice, Acting, Art

GROUP GUITAR (September - May)

Sit back, relax and enjoy learning the basics to mastering acoustic guitar in a fun group setting. Each session is 8 weeks long (or two months/8 classes). You will learn chords, chord progressions, and how to play all your favorite songs by using some simple easy to learn techniques. This class is designed for beginners who would like to learn how to play, while singing along to their favorite songs. Music brings peace to the soul, and it's a great way to unwind, connect with others, as well as improve mental clarity, alertness, and memory. Guitar is also highly versatile and allows you to easily create your own style.

Students in Group Guitar with Coach Lon

Quinn Jackson performing in our Student Showcase
GROUP VOICE (September - May)

Voice class is great for people who enjoy singing for their own benefit and/or for the benefit of others. Learn pitch, musicianship, and proper breathing and vocal techniques to increase the quality of your vocal sound. Our classes are kept small and personalized, and emphasize goal setting for each individual. Learning how to sing is a very practical and useful skill in that it can be used in a variety of circumstances, such as general vocal health and speech articulation. Students need to bring a notebook or binder to hold sheet music.

Students performing in our Student Showcase

Students performing in our Student Showcase

ART (Currently on Hiatus)

Free Flow Academy of Hybrid Arts is pleased to offer a full access art class consisting of portrait, comic art, and still life concepts. This class is open to beginner and advanced level artists. Drawing is one of the most relaxing, holistic, and therapeautic classes we offer. Drawing awakens the senses, develops hand-eye coordination, teaches problem solving, and fosters a love of learning and creativity, all while supporting and developing Emotional Intelligence.

DIY art class is for the those looking to develop their craftmanship skills. This class features 3D art such as sculpting, paper making, wood working, sewing, jewelry making, and more. Each week features a new project that students can enjoy. DIY teaches the value of being able to hand craft, and engineer beautiful and functional items, all while being resourceful. Supplies are included (but donations are always welcome).

Students learn to sew, paint, draw, woodwork, and create 3D media

Coach John creating epic decorations for our Annual Haunted Obstacle Course (October of every year)

ACTING (See Media Academy)

The Art of Acting is one of the most neglected disciplines of our society, yet probably one of the most useful, and natural to human kind. Acting fosters a genuine search for truth, and identity, all within the realm of endless possibility and creativity. Acting develops the "researcher" in all of us, and develops the body and the mind in a variety of ways, such as use of body language, poise, understanding viewpoints, teamwork, and conversation skills. Acting class makes us better communicator's, and instills confidence, while teaching public speaking skills along with many other important life skills.

"The Land of Woge" Production Still

"The Land of Woge" Production Still

"Immortal Fist" Production Still

"Immortal Fist" Behind the Scenes

Free Flow Academy Class Description - STUNT & FILM...MEDIA ACADEMY

Free Flow Academy is the first and only school in Northern California to launch a Stunt & Film program, along with an enriching Media School.

Our Mission: To mobilize Passionate Athletes and Artists by cultivating collaboration with Content Creators.

"Immortal Fist" Movie Poster - Official Selection of "Action On Film Festival" - Screened at the Palms Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV Aug 21, 2017

Our Strategy:  To create media and artistic content in an enriching and educational environment, while keeping a stable focus on encouraging the development of commercially viable "products" that would open up doors of opportunity for our students and practitioners.  We believe people invest in our academy because they understand that the environment we create helps provide a sustainable future for themselves as practitioners and artists.  Furthermore, we aim to create content that strengthens our industry of "movement" and "artistry".  From action films to musicals, we reach to inspire people to move and to create.

Our Opportunity:

  • Harnessing the Power of Visual Storytelling

Every industry in the world has already moved, or is now moving toward content marketing. Videos are the most powerful and influential tools for content marketing.

  • Translate your physical training into marketable skills

There comes a point in every athlete/artist journey, where you wonder why you have trained so long and so hard to attain a particular skill set? Creating and sharing content is how you can put those skills to use.

  • Increase your Tech Skills

Every industry uses video, it's likely, about 60% - 90% of the newest skills you have attained in the last 5-7 years, were learned off youtube, or some other video based learning platform.

  • Learn Stunts at the Largest & Most Diversified Parkour Gym on the West Coast

Free Flow Academy is a gym, but at it's core, an ACADEMY.   We are a family friendly, all age operation that focuses on building up BODY and MIND.

  • Create Content 

Our Academy is focused on producing TV shows, feature length films, and web content

  • Be Visible

We will distribute our films through traditional and non-traditional mediums. More visibility = more opportunities for our artists and our community.

"Immortal Fist" Behind the Scenes
"Immortal Fist" Movie Poster - Official Selection of "Action On Film Festival" - Screened at the Palms Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV Aug 21, 2017

"Immortal Fist" Behind the Scenes

Media Academy - Camera
Media Academy - Editing
Stunt & Film Program
"Immortal Fist" Behind the Scenes
"The Land of Woge" Production Still
"The Land of Woge" Production Still

"Immortal Fist" Good Day Sacramento Segment Part II

Collaborations with On Native Ground (a Non-Profit Media Production Company)

"The Land of Woge" Behind the Scenes

Summer Intensive Behind the Scenes (South Dakota)

Summer Intensive Behind the Scenes with On Native Ground

Mystic Fight Scene

1 Minute instagram zombie movie

Something Inside is Broken (An Native American Rock Opera)

Projects in Post Production:

Immortal Fist
The Land of Woge

Projects in Development:

The Ninja Bunch
Woman Chief
Monks vs. Zombies
Zen + Kage Show

Past Completed Projects:

Parkour Zombie Short Film
Something Inside is Broken

Stunt & Film Programming runs January - March

Media Academy runs Sept - Nov

Camps run through June - Aug


Free Flow Academy Class Description - LITTLE NINJAS

Little Ninjas is a class under the Free Flow Academy Martial Arts Department.  Our Little Ninjas class is catered towards children ages 5-12 and is rooted in Ninjutsu and Kung Fu style of Martial Arts.  Little Ninjas is a complete self defense system, as students learn a broad range of defense for a variety of attacks and scenarios.  They also learn "The Color Code of Mental Awareness" stand up, ground fighting, and reasoning skills that assist in threat analysis and awareness, as well as conditioning the body for speed, proficiency, flexibility, balance, strength, acrobatics, and coordination. Little Ninjas also emphasize personal development and mindfulness.

Little Ninjas have fun in class with useful and skill building games, sword play (padded weapons) as well as train in rolls, flying jump kicks and acrobatics.  They build confidence by moving through drills and progressions, and games are designed to build skill, as well as inspire continued learning and creativity.

Little Ninjas Class uses the Kung Skill Sheets (with variations) to track progress.

Our gym Pro Shop will be a Direct Sales Hub NOT a Retail Center

Since we opened in 2012 we have been cultivating ideas on opening a pro shop.  We had clients suggest we have our own clothing brand, gear, jewelry... All these ideas have been taken into consideration, but I never wanted to open yet another run of the mill pro shop.  Pro shop's have extensively high overhead, and there is usually a great deal of debt that comes with that high overhead.  Furthermore, I don't want to feel the pressure of pushing more product on our valued clients.  Plus having to store, display, ship, and mark up product at retail prices doesn't seem green, nor does it help our clients save money.  I'm not interested in being a middle man.  So I started cultivating thoughts and ideas around the values of sustainability, and here is what I have come up with:

1) Direct Sales.  I know, it doesn't seem obvious.  But hear me out.  When I was in my early 20's I had really negative experiences with MLM (multi-level/network marketing companies) and I steered clear.  I would distance myself as far away as I could from anyone that was involved with an MLM.  But a few years ago my bro-in-law got a job at NuSkin corporate.  He sent me packs of product that I could try, and I was pleasantly surprised at the technology, and results the product produced.  But the price tag was beyond my budget.  But at the very least, I knew there were MLM's that could provide quality, cutting edge products.

2) Client Satisfaction.  Being a gym owner means I am the target of every health and wellness MLM sales pitch on the market.  So I started trying it all (heck most of it was free!  Why not?)  And, if my clients were pleased with the products, I might as well give it a shot.  What I found was that I wasn't a fan of a lot of the stuff that came our way.  Many of the products were filled with synthetic fillers, or simply didn't work that well.  Or if they did, it came at a serious cost.  BUT not all of them were like that.  In fact MANY of the products worked fantastic, AND my clients were extremely excited about them.  Not only that, but I liked how direct sales companies were training people in business, sales, and networking.  I liked how many of the companies were tied to a great cause, and I loved seeing mom's and dad's find ways to improve their quality of life for their family.

3) Community Building.  Direct sales companies help build communities, and motivate people to get out and work together.  I think that is the most valuable thing that comes out of direct sales, and that is not something you can achieve in a retail sales environment.

If you're up for it, check out the proposal I have put together for our online/physical pro shop, and I'd like to hear from YOU, our clients.  Your thoughts, ideas, and energy fuel our ideas.

Free Flow Academy Class Description - KUNG FU

Kung Fu is an excellent choice if you are looking for a fine balance of high impact and low impact workouts, while learning practical and useful skills.  Kung Fu is a complete self defense system, as you will learn a broad range of defense for a variety of attacks and scenarios.  You will learn stand up as well as ground fighting, and reasoning skills that will assist you in threat analysis and awareness, as well as conditioning the body for speed, proficiency, flexibility, balance, strength, acrobatics, and coordination. Kung Fu is also an excellent choice for practitioners who prefer to study disciplines that emphasize personal development and mindfulness.

Our Kung Fu system is rooted in Shaolin Kung Fu, which is based out of the Henan Province, in Song Shan, China.  Shaolin Kung Fu has been developed and evolved over the course of 1500 years, and is considered the oldest, largest, and most famous styles of Chinese Martial Arts.  Because it has had much time to evolve, as well as stood the test of time, the range of skills are vast and broad.  The study of Kung Fu can be pursued over the course of multiple lifetimes, and can be studied and practiced well into a person's lifetime.  Students young and old can practice Kung Fu, and experience it's physical, emotional, and metal health benefits.

Kung Fu can be observed in 3 categories:

  • Warrior Training (Self Defense, Conditioning, Strategy, and Threat Analysis)
  • Internal Development Training (Mindfulness, Deep Breathing, and Mental Prowess)
  • Performing Art (Acrobatics, Weapon & Animal Forms/Styles, Choreography)
Our Kung Fu program focuses on each of the 3 categories, and students are encouraged to "self-direct" their focus.  For the most part, younger students prefer to develop their abilities in the warrior and performing art regions of their training.  While older adults prefer to develop their internal training, as well as utilize Kung Fu as a form of physical and mental rehabilitation.  

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Dieting is a dirty word. "FOOD TECHNOLOGY" is the real answer to powerful health

SPECIAL NOTE:  This is a blog about a product that I really believe in.  I am one of the co-founders of Free Flow Academy, and my opinions do not reflect all the thoughts and ideas of my partners and employees nor should my opinions replace the advice of your medical doctor.  I am sharing my opinion and experience.  I don't endorse hardly anything.  But this product is an exception because I believe it brings the gift of health (there is no greater gift) and I also believe the creator of this product has programmed a sustainable cure to obesity, as well as helped me manage a chronic health condition that I have (epilepsy).  David Sandoval (founder of Purium) has created FOOD TECHNOLOGY.  He is a mad scientist doctor hippie that has a love for Mother Earth.  His company is no joke.  It's the real deal, his work is incredible.  - Miss Elle

It was a revelation.  I was pondering how I could better serve my family's health.  I was sick and tired of feeding my kids, and myself the "Costco" diet.  I felt sick and tired that the local grocery store manager seemed more in charge of me and my family's health than I was.  I didn't feel empowered.

But I was grateful that I (at the very least) had my chronic seizures under control (through diet, sleep, and naturepathic medicine).  Managing my seizure condition took meticulous effort.  And once I was able to live without the world spinning, shaking, and having scary out of body experiences, I recognized the opportunity to rebuild my life and health.  I began a process of searching for something more.

I'm not knocking Coscto, I still shop here.  Although they have the WORST lights for people with epilepsy.  I can't spend much time here.  And again, I do not rely on them for FOOD TECHNOLOGY.
Sure I had been gardening, as well as being heavily involved with the local community garden (I still manage the Lincoln Community Garden fb page), to stay up to speed with Master Gardener's, and having access to the latest and greatest info on growing your own food, turning your lawn into an organic food producing mecca, and optimizing my mini herb garden on my window sill. I felt great gardening, it got myself and my children outside, connected to the earth.  We were much more mindful about our eating.  There was a time when all of our fresh produce was grown by ourselves.  I still love gardening and I certainly endorse it :)

Fresh produce from our garden.  Gardening is GREAT!  As long as you take the time to care and nurture your garden on a daily basis.  The only cons about gardening is that it's like a pet.  You need someone to care for it while your gone, and you may or may not get to reap the joys of the harvest if you're on vacation when that happens.  You need to treat it for pests regularly, as well as weed and care for it.

In 2016 I had the opportunity to go on a musical tour with my family.  I would also be launching a brand new department (Media Academy) through Free Flow.  I would also be teaching a Film Camp in South Dakota.  Life was happening, and it was becoming busier with my kids schedule, and my own creative dreams unfolding.  Many opportunities were presenting themselves, and I needed my health more than ever to experience those incredible opportunities.  My husband and I were wondering how we would survive being on the road.  What would we eat with the limited options?  That's when the revelation came.  We need FOOD TECHNOLOGY.

I went on tour.  I needed to be able to eat on the go, but still have the highest quality nutrition so that I could rock the stage. I needed to be able to sing, dance, act, as well as lead other actors and performers in choreography as well as fulfill my production duties.

We also launched the Stunt & Film Academy.  We shot two TV Pilots with our students, and even got accepted to a major film festival!  Again, we are on the go, traveling, running a business, training, and burning tons of energy to move and rock.

We need FOOD TECHNOLOGY is what I really started to search for.  As a gym owner, we are sent free samples from oodles of supplement and shake companies.  But none of them sold me.  I never felt they had any kind of real power.  Plus most of them made me feel like crap or had synthetic ingredients that I would never want in my body in the first place.

As I was spending 5-8 hours in the studio each day, choreographing for our upcoming tour, and working with our dancers, I came across something special.  One of my dancers (named Lily) was a new mom. Her body lean and powerful, AND she was nursing.  The other thing I noticed was how quick she was to pick up on choreography.  Her mental acuity impressed me.  Her beautiful attitude and radiance also impressed me.  I thought to myself, "this girl is onto something."  I found out she was a Vegan chef. Ahhh that makes sense... I had been studying ayurvedic cooking for several years. I'm very familiar with it's power and health benefits.  But how in the world would she have time to do all that?  She's literally in the studio with me for 6 hours a day!  Plus we still had to go home and be mom.  How does this girl have this kind of energy, plus still have enough nutrition to nurse!  I nursed 4 kids, I know exactly how much energy it takes to nurse a growing babe.  It's impossible to do unless you have enough water and nutrition in your body.

I nursed all these stinky cutie pies :)  Carrying and nursing twins was hard on my body.  This picture doesn't reflect the fact that I felt like I was 80 years old for awhile there.  I'm not in the habit of taking photos when I look/feel like crap.  But for the purpose of this blog, that would have been helpful.  Rest assured that carrying, birthing, and nursing babies is hard work, and it takes a toll.

One day Lily introduced me to Apothe Cherry Juice.  Drinking Apothe Cherry Juice before bedtime DOUBLES your REM cycle.  I NEED THAT!  So I bought some immediately.  Apothe Tart Cherry juice is in fact glorious. You drink it in a wine glass before bed, and sleep well my friend.  This was so important for me because I have a tendency to grind my teeth and have stress dreams.  What?! Mother of 4 running a business?  Grinding teeth and having stress dreams??  Nooooo... And plus, having epilepsy, good quality sleep is imperative. The Cherry juice took care of that.

Then I thought, hmmm what else does she use?  Lily then introduced me to Purium, the power shake. I tried a sample of their Apple Berry Power Shake, and checked the ingredients.  All good stuff.  All stuff I'd want in my body.  Plus it tastes GREAT.  I could drink this regularly, no problem.  So I bought a transformation pack using a $50 gift card.  The pack included the cherry juice, power shake, and an amino acid supplement.  Once I did the 10 day transformation cleanse, I was ON FIRE.  I had more energy than EVER.  Plus I was even more flexible?  How did that happen?  Oh yeah, it's the toxins that get flushed out of your fat.  Right on!  So glad to get rid of that. Plus I could have my meals on the go, and be totally confident I was getting the absolute freshest ingredients, and a proprietary blend of superfoods that amounts to real nutrition and REAL FOOD TECHNOLOGY.

FOOD TECHNOLOGY cannot be a crash diet.  It has to be completely sustainable, and you need to feel fantastic.  I have the additional requirement that it has to work with my condition, but I am a high achieving individual.  I want to ROCK all the time.  So, the Costco diet just didn't cut it.  I felt low on energy all the time.  Most people would tell me it was because I took on too much.  Fair enough, but deep down I knew there was an answer.  I knew people performed at much higher levels than I, and felt great.  I just needed to find it, and tap into it.  I have a list of must have's for FOOD TECHNOLOGY, and it's a check list:

Does this FOOD TECHNOLOGY provide me with the ability to have outstanding:

Operational Productivity (day to day tasks, management)
Creative Productivity (writing, creating)
Physical Productivity (Training, Learning new physical skills/challenges)
Executive Function Productivity (Problem solving, strategic planning, organizing and delegating tasks/info (homeschooling)
Happiness and Radiance (patience for my kids, and a love of life)
AND does it provide me with the ability to have outstanding:

Immune Function
Cognitive Function
Energetic Longevity

If you can say YES to all of this, then you are tapped in.  You have real, powerful, FOOD TECHNOLOGY.

Not only that but because of having epilepsy, I need to have a meal program that allows my body to be in Ketosis.  A ketogenic diet is an effective treatment for epilepsy, weight loss, cancer, and Alzheimer's Disease. And since I have adopted this meal program, I have been able to rock, train, and work at a level that far exceeds my capacity even before I was diagnosed with epilepsy.  In a nutshell, I am seriously, seriously, SERIOUSLY sold.  I cannot even express how amazing it is, to be able to wake up at 6:30am, and do my thing (mom, wife, homeschool, train, create, run a business) until midnight, and not have chronic seizures.  Seizures ruin lives. This program has helped me manage and prevent my seizures, therefore I will invest my money, my heart, and my reputation on that.  

If you are looking for all of the above, and want to perform at a high level, you need to get tapped in. I suggest Purium, because it worked for me.  I have a $50 gift card code for anyone who would like to order a transformation pack, or sample the products.  Just follow the link and use ellebeyer as your gift card code.  If you decide to get tapped in, and build a business helping others get tapped in, then AWESOME!  There is no greater joy than changing people's lives, by helping them become more in tune with their body and living more fully.  When you change your life, your family's life, you can change another.  There is no greater gift than the gift of health.  If you would like more info, feel free to email me at with subject line:  ATTN Miss Elle Purium

Redeem your Gift Card (code ellebeyer)

Redeem your GIFT CARD (code:  ellebeyer)

Video Links:

When you purchase a transformation pack, you support Free Flow Academy, a business that employs 30+ people, and supports thousands of families and individuals locally and beyond.  Our business is to connect communities, get people to move and enjoy life, consume high quality nutrition, and to encourage people to fulfill their gladdest potential.

Free Flow Academy is the Largest and Most Diversified Parkour Gym on the West Coast.  We offer classes and open gym in Parkour, Freerunning, Martial Arts, Aerial Silks and Tumbling.  We also offer a seasonal Stunt & Film Academy.