Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Free Flow Academy - Instructor Bio - Ms. Melissa

Education & Instruction

Melissa has 4 years of comprehensive dance training in the disciplines of Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Contemporary dance. These disciplines emphasized the technical, theatrical, creative, and fitness components of dance, including daily instruction on technique, dance history, theory, choreography, and artistry.  Melissa has been teaching and choreographing song and dance numbers to children ages 6+ for the past 3 years.  She loves working with children, having 2 of her own.  She has recently taken up Aerial Silks to challenge herself as a dancer and athlete.  Her and her husband also enjoy partner dancing.  She is hungry to grow the dance department at Free Flow Academy, and isn't afraid of a new challenge.  Her pioneering spirit and visionary mind is what makes Ms. Melissa such a valuable addition to the Free Flow Academy team, and we are excited to have her!

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