Monday, August 14, 2017

Free Flow Academy Class Description - STUNT & FILM...MEDIA ACADEMY

Free Flow Academy is the first and only school in Northern California to launch a Stunt & Film program, along with an enriching Media School.

Our Mission: To mobilize Passionate Athletes and Artists by cultivating collaboration with Content Creators.

"Immortal Fist" Movie Poster - Official Selection of "Action On Film Festival" - Screened at the Palms Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV Aug 21, 2017

Our Strategy:  To create media and artistic content in an enriching and educational environment, while keeping a stable focus on encouraging the development of commercially viable "products" that would open up doors of opportunity for our students and practitioners.  We believe people invest in our academy because they understand that the environment we create helps provide a sustainable future for themselves as practitioners and artists.  Furthermore, we aim to create content that strengthens our industry of "movement" and "artistry".  From action films to musicals, we reach to inspire people to move and to create.

Our Opportunity:
  • Harnessing the Power of Visual Storytelling
Every industry in the world has already moved, or is now moving toward content marketing. Videos are the most powerful and influential tools for content marketing.
  • Translate your physical training into marketable skills
There comes a point in every athlete/artist journey, where you wonder why you have trained so long and so hard to attain a particular skill set? Creating and sharing content is how you can put those skills to use.
  • Increase your Tech Skills
Every industry uses video, it's likely, about 60% - 90% of the newest skills you have attained in the last 5-7 years, were learned off youtube, or some other video based learning platform.
  • Learn Stunts at the Largest & Most Diversified Parkour Gym on the West Coast
Free Flow Academy is a gym, but at it's core, an ACADEMY.   We are a family friendly, all age operation that focuses on building up BODY and MIND.
  • Create Content
Our Academy is focused on producing TV shows, feature length films, and web content
  • Be Visible
We will distribute our films through traditional and non-traditional mediums. More visibility = more opportunities for our artists and our community.

"Immortal Fist" Behind the Scenes
"Immortal Fist" Movie Poster - Official Selection of "Action On Film Festival" - Screened at the Palms Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV Aug 21, 2017

"Immortal Fist" Behind the Scenes

Media Academy - Camera
Media Academy - Editing
Stunt & Film Program
"Immortal Fist" Behind the Scenes
"The Land of Woge" Production Still
"The Land of Woge" Production Still

"Immortal Fist" Good Day Sacramento Segment Part II

Collaborations with On Native Ground (a Non-Profit Media Production Company)

"The Land of Woge" Behind the Scenes

Summer Intensive Behind the Scenes (South Dakota)

Summer Intensive Behind the Scenes with On Native Ground

Mystic Fight Scene

1 Minute instagram zombie movie

Something Inside is Broken (An Native American Rock Opera)

Projects/Collaborations Complete 2017:

Immortal Fist
The Land of Woge
Something Inside is Broken

Projects in Development:

Feature Films:
The Ninja Bunch (slated for Spring 2018)
Fly (slated for Media Academy Spring/Summer 2018)
Merry Xmas (slated for Media Academy Fall 2018)
Happy Camping (slated for Media Academy Summer 2019 Film Camp Intensive)
Monks vs. Zombies (TBA)
Immortal Fist Sequel (TBA)

Woman Chief
The Land of Woge (Episode 2 and/or Full Season TBA)

YouTube Series and Shorts:
Untitled Street Fighter Paradoy
Zen + Kage Show

What does it mean if a project is in "Development"?  It can mean several things.  It could mean we have a completed script(s) and/or outline(s).  It can also mean we have already shot footage and in the process of editing.

Schedule is dependent on our commitment to other projects.  Please note we will update the Project page.


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