Friday, September 15, 2017

Free Flow Academy - Instructor Bio - Shi Fu Lon Beyer

Lon Beyer is Co-Founder of Free Flow Academy, and Co-Founder of Survival Science Self Defense system.  Lon Beyer has been training in movement arts for 30+ years.  His interest in Kung Fu was first introduced when he was given lessons starting at the age of 7, by his Uncle who was at the time a General and Kung Fu instructor for the Taiwanese military.  His energy for the martial arts expanded to the study of many styles, including Ninjitsu, in which he achieved black belt status, and TKD, in which he achieved a 1st Degree black belt status, in addition to his achievements in Kung Fu, which earned him instructor status.  He has also participated in numerous styles including Kickboxing, Grappling, Weapons, and more.  In his early years, he achieved an Eagle Scout Award, and served and completed a 2 year mission for his church.  He served in Taiwan, is also bilingual, speaking both English and Mandarin Chinese.  He also traveled the world extensively, all throughout Asia and worked as a professional stuntman and actor.  His experience in fitness and youth education started while he was working in Los Angeles, he implemented and orchestrated the physical education programs for dozens of K-8th grade schools in and around Los Angeles County.  He personally served and taught thousands of students in over a dozen school districts.

Photo Credit:  Argun Tekant - Action Photo Workshop 2017

Shifu Lon Beyer teaching the Little Ninjas class at Free Flow Academy
2017 Action On Film Festival - Lon Beyer directed Free Flow Media Production "Immortal Fist" and nominated for an award in best editing - Photo Credit:  Michael Poole

2007 Kung Fu Star Competition - Shengzen TV - Song Shan, China - Lon Beyer was selected to be one of 18 foreigners to train with the Shaolin Warrior Monks.  The requirements to be selected was to be an accomplished martial artist, professional performer in stunts and/or acting, and accomplished in at least 1 other discipline (music being his second discipline), and a college degree. 

2007 Training under Famed Shaolin Warrior Monk - Shi Fu  Wang - Shaolin Monastery, Song Shan, China

2007 Training at Shaolin Monastery - Song Shan, China

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