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Free Flow Academy - Instructor Bio - Ms. Elle

Elle Beyer is Co-Founder of Free Flow Academy, and Co-Founder of Survival Science self defense program.  She is an artist, athlete, entrepreneur, choreographer, mother of 4, and has a physical fitness background of 15+ years Kung Fu and Martial Arts, 6 years Parkour, and 25+ years of movement arts experience.  She grew up a competitive athlete, and also danced from the age of 7 all the way through college.  She has an entertainment background (under the name Elle Bennett), having traveled the world as a working stunt woman, actress, model, and sports newscaster/journalist.  She believes in creating the holistic athlete/artist and growing specific industries that promote health, longevity, environmental awareness, community, and humanity.

Empowering women and children is her calling.  At 16 years old she escaped kidnapping and rape in a Wal-Mart parking lot.  In her early 20's, she escaped kidnapping and gang rape.  Both of these incidents had a profound impact on her, and she wants to use her knowledge and creativity to help those who feel fear and helplessness.  She is devoted to helping people unlock their "Inner Warrior" whenever they need, whether it be in parenting, business, or anti-bullying.  Martial Arts is a way of life, a way to stay in shape and to stay active for a lifetime, a way to learn important life lessons in a safe setting, while gaining life-protecting survival skills.

Aside from her own companies, she has also worked extensively in the non-profit sector, creating and orchestrating fitness, artistic, and leadership programs for youth, coordinating events, camps, and business models to promote cost effective, and affordable programming.  She has worked for some of the largest Non-Profit Corporations in the world (Girl Scouts of America), as well as one of the largest media corporations in the world (Clear Channel).  She is currently on the board of On Native Ground, an award winning media production company. Elle holds a Bachelor's Degree in Media Communications (Radio + TV + Film) from Cal State Fullerton.

In 2016 she completed a West Coast Tour in which she danced/sang, starred, and choreographed the Native American Rock Opera "Something Inside is Broken."   In 2017 she completed 1 feature film, 1 tv pilot, and over a dozen short films.  She is currently putting a great deal of vested focus in writing for tv and movies, as well as developing talent (Free Flow students) in the Free Flow Academy Stunt & Film Progam/Media Academy.  She enjoys social satire and uses comedy in her writing and teaching.

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2016 Photo Credit:  Michael Poole

2016 Photo Credit:  Michael Poole

Mono Lake, CA

Parkour Photo (Survival Science) Photo Credit:  Michael Poole

"Something Inside is Broken" Musical Rock Opera 2016 West Coast Tour - Photo Credit:  Gabe Polansky

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