Friday, February 5, 2016

Meet the Coaches and their Specialties!

Shi Fu Lon Beyer - Co-Founder Free Flow Academy - Head of Martial Arts Department - Head Office Management - Head Music Instructor - Group Voice Coach, Group Guitar Coach - Head Stunt & Film (Media Academy) Instructor
COACHING SPECIALTY:  Internal Kung Fu, Choreography, Musicianship
Coach Joe - Head Parkour Instructor & Manager
COACHING SPECIALTY:  Flow and Dynamic Movement
Coach Mike - Head Stunt & Film (Media Academy) Instructor - Front Desk Manager - Photographer/Videographer
COACHING SPECIALTY: Cinematography, Software Technology, Movement Fundamentals
Coach Jess - Head Aerial Instructor
COACHING SPECIALTY:  Fundamentals and Drops

Coach Doug - Senior Parkour Instructor - Free Flow Academy Master Builder
COACHING SPECIALTY:  Parkour Fundamentals, Bar Work

Coach Will - Senior Parkour Instructor
COACHING SPECIALTY:  Great with kids, Parkour in a Dinosaur costume, Efficient movement

Coach Chris - Senior Parkour, Freerunning, Senior Tumbling Instructor, Front Desk
COACHING SPECIALTY:  Parkour Fundamentals, Tumbling/Acrobatics, Overcoming Fear
Coach Josh - Senior Parkour Instructor , Head Tumbling Instructor
COACHING SPECIALTY:  Technique & Precision

Coach Kage - Junior Parkour Instructor - Front Desk
COACH SPECIALTY: Vaulting and Fundamentals
Coach Grace - Senior Aerial Instructor

Coach Tyler - Junior Parkour Instructor - Coach Specialty:  Freerunning/Acrobatics

Coach Matt - Junior Martial Arts & Parkour Instructor - COACHING SPECIALTY:  GROUND GAME (MARTIAL ARTS) & BARS (PARKOUR)

Coach Eddy - Junior Parkour Instructor - COACH SPECIALTY:  VAULTING & GREAT WITH KIDS

Coach Abi - Junior Aerial Silks Instructor
COACH SPECIALTY:  Fundamentals, Sequencing, and Variations of Movements

Coach Eli - Junior Parkour Instructor COACH SPECIALTY:  Good with Kids, Vaulting, Wall Tricks
Coach Bob - Self Defense Instructor - COACH SPECIALTY:  Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Combatives

Coach Melissa - Contemporary Dance Instructor - COACH SPECIALTY - Loves working with Kids, Personal Development, Movement Fundamentals
Coach Cindy - Junior Aerial Silks Instructor - COACH SPECIALTY - Strength and Flexibility

Coach Jhet - Junior Kung Fu Instructor and Little Ninja's Instructor - COACH SPECIALTY:  Close quarter combat, weapons
Coach Elisabeth - Junior Aerial Silks Instructor - COACH SPECIALTY - Choreography and Teaching ALL AGES :)
Coach Jewelle - Junior Aerial Silks Instructor - COACH SPECIALTY - 
Coach Mosez (Pictured Right) - Breakdance Instructor - COACH SPECIALTY - Teaching all ages, dance styles/lineages, foundation

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