Monday, October 8, 2018

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Mike

Coach Mike is a front desk manager, Media Academy Instructor, and all around Mover.  Coach Mike has trained in Kung Fu, Parkour, Tumbling, and Aerial Silks and enjoys it all.  His handstands are legit too.  With a construction and media background, Coach Mike is a huge asset on the building design of Free Flow Academy's structures, as well as our Media department and marketing.  All of the awesome pictures and videos are done by Mike.  Anytime you need to talk about anything technical, politics, religion, movement... he's the guy to talk to.  He is a human encyclopedia, but friendly and fun, so you are bound to learn a ton with every conversation, and have a lot of laughs. 

He was a recent guest on our podcast - check it out!

Photo Credit:  Michael Poole
Photo Credit:  Michael Poole - some of his awesome photography skills

Another sweet shot done by Michael Poole


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