Thursday, September 23, 2021

Movie Stunts - Class Description

Do you love movies?  Have you ever wondered how fight choreographers get a job as a fight choreographer?  Have you ever wondered what a stunt coordinator, or a stunt person does?  Ms. Elle has compiled 20+ years as a Filmmaker, Martial Artist, Actress, and Stunt Woman in a semester based class/curriculum. 

Ms. Elle in her own words: I love the challenge, the limitations, and the ability to rely on 20+ years of training in a Martial Arts Movement Discipline and working in the Entertainment Industry. I have compiled my experiences into a curriculum that I developed in 2016 - and have successfully taught nearly 100 students how to write, shoot, choreograph, perform, and edit their short action films.
It brings me a lot of joy to see students create amazing sequences, learn how to minimize risk, overcome creative differences, and learn tons of new skills by working on a collaborative project, and making lot's of new friends. My "Movie Stunts" Class is a semester based focus, and by the end of the semester - you will have written, directed, produced, starred in, and choreographed an action short film. I hope you'll join me on this exciting adventure!

Some of my work:

Some fun stuff to watch (and make)! Let's smash some faces :D

Monday, February 8, 2021

Movie Ranch Membership

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Monday, March 30, 2020

Movement Library

The following library contains movements and reference links that are in-house produced by The Parkour & Performing Arts Center or selectively curated content from the public domain. Please continue checking back as we add content daily.

Photo By Michael Poole
Athletes - Chris Alexander, Joe Unruh, Corey Romines, Nathan Doan
Warm Up Movements:

Shoulder Rolls - (Ukemi application)

Dash Vault Progression Tutorial:

Conditioning Drills:
Pull Ups -  
Sprints -  
Tuck Jumps - 
Hollow Body Holds - 
Lemon Squeezes -


Butterfly Stretch - (In this Video)
Squat Sways - (In this Video)
Straddle Stretches - (In this Video)
Pike Stretch - (In this Video)
Quad Stretch - (In this Video)
Shaping Hamstring Stretch - (In this Video)
Photo by Steve Batz
Athletes - Lon Beyer & Elle Beyer

Photo by Michael Poole
Athletes - Elle Beyer & Colton Fuller

Kung Fu & Self Defense

Warm Up Movements:
Arm Rotations - 
Hip Rotations - 
Arm/Chest Dynamic Stretches - 
Knee Rotations - 
Angle/Wrist/Elbow Rotations - 
Jumping Jacks - (In this video)
Picking up Leaves - 

Line Drills:
Stretch Kicks - 
Outside Crescent Kick - 
Inside Crescent Kick - 
Side Kick - 
Sparrow Kick - 
Crane Kick - 
Tornado Kick - 
Jump Flying Side Kick - 
Handstands - 

Striking Skills (Hands):

Striking Skills (Legs)


Escape from Attack’s from Behind -

Other Skills

Conditioning Drills:
Push Ups - 
Supported Pushups - 
Leg Lifts - 
V-ups - 
Squats - 
Pull Ups - 
Sprints - 
Tuck Jumps - 
Hollow Body Holds - 
Leg Lifts - (In this Video)
Plank to Push Up Position - (In this Video)

Calf Raises - (In this Video)

Self Defense Principles:

Photo by Steve Batz
Athlete - Elle Beyer

Weapons & Choreography

Primitive Weapons using Household Items -

Photo by Michael Poole
Athlete - Jess Waters

Aerial Silks
Warmup Movements

Postures from the Knot
Skywalk -

Hip Key -
Split Entry to Knee Tangle -

Skills from Basic Climb
Hip Swivels -

Skills from Military Climb
Hip Key from Military Climb -
Rolling Russian Climb -

Skills from the Single Footlock
Standing Hip Lean -
Music Box -

Intermediate Skills from Basic Climb
Wheel Down -
Back Balance -

Intermediate Skills from Double Footlock
Split Roll to Butterfly -
Eagle Drop to Split -
Gypsy Roll to Butterfly -
Front Flip Splits -

Intermediate Skills from the Hip Key
Elsie Drop -

Intermediate Skills from Strong Hold
Double Scorpion Drop -

Other Intermediate Skills
Scorpion -

Dynamic Movement

Photo by Michael Poole
Athlete - Josh Waters


Photo by Mark Behren's
Athletes - Tyler Chang & Sarah Cabigas

Stunt & Film

Photo by Michael Poole
Athletes - Joe Unruh, Jared Huber, Nathan Doan

Other References

Power Swipe into Forward Roll -