Thursday, December 3, 2015

Unlimited Class Memberships are Almost Gone

We understand that there will be a host of people that are going to be really upset when they hear this news.  They just missed the boat... For those who have been with us since the beginning, they can feel relieved that they got in early.  Here's the thing.  Our facility is only so large, and we are already the largest Parkour Gym on the West Coast.  Here is the other thing... there are only so many qualified coaches in our given field, and in order to keep the quality of instruction on an outstanding scale and SAFE, we need our people to be focused on a smaller handful of committed clients.

When it comes to elite level athletics, we cannot have the same business model as a regular gym franchise - which can usually boasts low prices, a variety of trendy movement classes, and a steam room.  What we do is very different, and very specialized.  Most gyms are in the business of helping people lose weight.  We can certainly help you there.  What we do will DEFINITELY help you lose weight.  But aside from that, we are in the business of creating some of the strongest, fittest beings on the planet.  And we can start you as young as 3 years old.  

It's not everyone's goal to be in the top 10% of strongest, fittest beings on the planet.  If anything, most people would rather just be thin, and fit into their clothes.  And that's okay!  We understand we serve a very small percentage of the population, and we're okay with that.

Parkour, Freerunning, Aerial Arts, and the types of Tumbling and Martial Disciplines we offer are very unique and are within pioneering fitness fields.  We have come to the point where we feel we understand our market.  We know who you are.  You aren't satisfied with appearances.  You need mountains to climb, rivers to swim across, and a challenge worth your time and effort.

So we're moving that direction for YOU.  Thank you for sticking with us and giving us the opportunity to serve you in the greatest capacity possible.

Just to clarify FAQ's:

1) What if I already have an Unlimited Membership? Will I lose it?
A:  Absolutely not!  You got in early, you get to keep it!  Hurray!  But if you drop your membership, we will not be able to reinstate the unlimited status.

2) Are any current members going to have to pay more for their membership?
A:  Nope!  Your bill will stay the same.  If you decide to drop, then you will be subject to new membership prices/terms that will be released early 2016.

3) Hey I'm new!  I'm wanting to signup for an Unlimited Membership.  Can I do that?
A:  We have 25 left that we are willing to sell.  After that, they are gone for good.

4) Why exactly are you not selling Unlimited Memberships anymore?  It's such a great deal, and seems like such a shame to get rid of it.
A:  Thats the thing... It IS a GREAT deal!  But GREAT deals are not meant to be for anyone.  They are reserved for the firstlings of the flock, the first people who saw it, the first people that got in through the doors.  It doesn't mean you won't get a great deal too.  You came in later, so you pay more, BUT you didn't have to go through some of the growing pains of our business!  So it evens out in the end.

5) Do you think you'll ever bring it back?  Ever?
A:  No.  We have carefully, meticulously, strategically planned out this move.  We wouldn't have announced this if we didn't have a long term plan in place.  Progressing our students and our clientele to the highest capacity possibly is always the goal, and every move we make is to honor and maintain the integrity of the institution.  Which means having the highest quality instruction on the market, and proven methodology to progress and inspire our clientele.

6) What about the TRIBE membership?  Is that being discontinued?
A:  No.  This will remain our ONLY unlimited membership.  We will actually be adding more classes under the TRIBE, and it will also remain the most amazing and affordable strength and conditioning membership available on the market.  Our $20 pricing will be changing to $50/month and will include open gym.  This is not going into effect until early 2016 and will be announced within the coming months.