Tuesday, March 19, 2019

2019 Event Schedule

Parkour Olympic Challenge Dates/Times
Saturday Morning (9am - 2pm) races start at 9:30am - Dates:
Sat April 6th
Sat June 15
Sat Oct 5
  • obstacle course/speed course 
  • Skills 
2019 Workshops - EVERY Second Saturday 6:30pm-8:30pm 

$40/person or $35/pair (pre-registration price)
$50/person or $45/pair (at the door price)

First two people to sign up get 50% OFF - TEXT MESSAGE our front desk at 916-759-1468 "I want to sign up for the (Name of Workshop)" and we will call you during office hours to take payment and get you the discount. First come first serve.

2019 Flight Nights (Every Odd 2nd Sunday) $5 members/$10 non-member Open Jam 

Join us for our Flight Nights (Every Odd 2nd Sunday)
$5 members/$10 non-member Open Jam Session with Free Flow Academy trainers and special guests! This month we are hosting an Open Jam at the following times:

5:30-7:00pm (kids 5-12)
7:30pm-9pm (teen/adult)

May 12th

July 14th

September 8th

November 10th

2019 Tag Nights (Every Even 2nd Sunday) - $10 

Cash pool prize (for tag)
5:30-7:00pm (kids 9-12)
7:30pm-9pm (teen/adult)

April 14th

June 9th

August 11th

October 13th

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Aerial Silks Showcase Performer Checklist

The Week of Performance:

Eat Simple/Clean all week leading up to performance (but eat foods you are used to!)
Stay hydrated
Wash Hands Regularly/Avoid Sickness
Do not try or do new activities that pose risk/injury
Make sure you have your Costume
Have your Hair/Makeup plan (Hair should be up and out of the way)
Relax and Self Care

Day of Performance:

Warm up morning of the performance
Make sure you have your Costume (put it on BEFORE you arrive, and wear it underneath some warm layers)
Makeup/Hair Ready
Do NOT wear jewelry/clothing that can get caught in silk
Eat foods that give you energy
Stay hydrated
Arrive at Call Time (5:30pm)
Warm up when you arrive
Have Fun (remember you are sharing something you love to do!)
Don’t forget to smile 😊
Point your Toes