Friday, March 30, 2018

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Tyler

Hi I'm Coach Tyler!  I have been training in Parkour/Freerunning for 8 years.  It's a huge passion of mine, as well as road tripping with my friends, playing guitar, and snowboarding.  I'm also passionate about performing and sharing my love of movement through photos, videos, commercials, and films.  I'm usually performing at the Free Flow Academy events, and involved with the Free Flow Media Academy.  On the side I coach Birthday Parties, Events, and After School Enrichment Programs.  Connecting with kids and helping them open up, take chances, and get out of their comfort zone is my specialty.  I hope to see you at the gym soon.  - Coach Tyler

Fun Stunt Photoshoot

In a commercial for the Oscars (ABC 10) :57

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Eli Greer

My name is Eli Taylor Greer and have been training in gymnastics/tumbling for 10 years and 6 years of experience in parkour and freerunning.  I am a Junior Parkour/Freerunning Coach and my favorite things to teach are vaults and tricks that have to do with walls such as tic tacs, cat leaps, wall runs, ect… I like to focus on keeping my students basic skills sharp so they can progress faster and easier whenever the time comes to learn a new skill. To do this I love creating obstacle courses for my classes that incorporate many basic parkour moves as well as one or two new skills so they build up their confidence in what they are familiar with while also adding new skills.

Parkour has influenced and changed my life in so many amazing ways and helps me to drown out the stress that life brings throughout the school year. It keeps me fit and always actively seeking to keep myself striving to improve my skills. I also love music.  I play trombone, Native American flute, digital music on a professional program called Reason 8, and piano. My mom is an amazing artist and she constantly comes up with new creative paintings and jewelry to make which always keeps me inspired to create.

Other than music, art, and parkour; I enjoy creating cosplay props from popular video games and movies as well as playing video games with my friends, sparring with my friends using medieval weaponry and armor, and participating in both archery and airsoft. I am a team leader and one of the original 6 people in my school's archery club.  Thanks for reading and getting to know me, I hope to see you in class.  - Coach Eli (Free Flow Academy Junior Parkour/Freerunning Instructor)

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Matt

Hey everybody, Coach Matt here. I discovered Parkour while I was going through rehab for my knee after I had two surgeries. Parkour gave me a reason to be active, better myself, and make friends. Through FreeFlow Academy, I discovered my passion for Movement Arts and began learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Through Jiu Jitsu I not only rehabbed my knee injuries, but I was able to overcome them and strive physically. I joined the Army at 17 years old and left home immediately after high school. I learned many things while in the Army; some of the more important things being perseverance, determination, and dedication. In high school, I found a love in foreign languages as well and through the Army, I learned Korean, making me trilingual, also being fluent in French. Upon my return to the Sacramento area, I began coaching Parkour at FreeFlow Academy. During my time here, I’ve developed a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class structure, as well as created a program for Foreign Language Learning. As a full time Soldier in the Army, I offer most of my classes as private lessons on evenings and/or weekends. If you’re interested in learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Parkour, French, or Korean, you can call FreeFlow Academy and ask for information on how to contact me. I hope to see you all in class! -Coach Matt

Coach Matt was featured on Free Flow Academy's Podcast.  To give it a listen click the LINK

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Jhet

Coach Jhet has been training since the age of 10, in Kung Fu under Ms. Elle for 6 years and is currently a Junior Kung Fu Instructor at Free Flow Academy.  Coach Jhet first began training in the long range style of Kung Fu and long form weapons (such as Staff and Sword).  Jhet branched into shorter/soft weapons such as Nunchucks and even the rare Iron Fan.  From there Jhet began to cultivate an interest in close quarter combat, and for the past 3 years has focused on Wing Chun training and combatives.  Wing Chun is Coach Jhet's preferred area of focus, while also enjoying the long styles of fencing (which he applies and translates to Chinese long sword).  Coach Jhet enjoys teaching kids, as he's very creative with skill building games that inspire and motivate the kids to move dynamically, conditioning their bodies, while earning practicality.  Currently Coach Jhet teaches "Little Ninjas" and Co-Teaches Beginner Level Kung Fu.

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Elisabeth

 Elisabeth was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada where her love for aerials blossomed as she  trained at the Vancouver Circus School training with and under Cirque du Soleil aerialists. She trained with the Vancouver Circus School, specializing in aerial silks from 2007-2012. After that she moved to the states and after many adventures settled in Lincoln where she lives now with her family. Elisabeth loves sharing her love for aerials and has taught aerial silks in Vancouver and in the Roseville area, previously teaching aerial silks for Alternative Fitness and now at Free Flow. Elisabeth loves teaching and performing aerial silks and considers her specialty choreography, telling a story through the combination of movement and music. She’s worked with students from ages zero to over 70 and enjoys tailoring each class to best suit the unique needs of her students. Her favorite part of being a member of the Free Flow family is the amazing positive and cooperative environment fostered by other coaches and students alike. She loves helping her students reach new heights and gain confidence as they achieve their goals. Beyond aerials, her other interests and hobbies include hiking, swimming, yoga, and spending time with her family.