Saturday, July 11, 2015

Survival Science - Women's Self Defense Program - Combining Martial Arts & Parkour

Free Flow Academy is developing a Women's Self Defense Program called "Survival Science" and will be getting ready to launch quad pack of free videos, and a complete video series with 20+ videos for purchase, as well as host comprehensive 4 hour seminars on the subject.  These past few months have been physically and emotionally exhausting as we have studied over 100 sexual assault cases and counting, personally interviewed survivors of sexual assault, and are taking our techniques to the street.  You read that right, we are going out into the streets and inviting people to take a free lesson in self defense, in exchange for being a test subject.

The process?  From our research we have compiled a list of commonly used attacks, and what we've done is create techniques that can be taught to people with no martial arts or parkour experience, and use it to combat and escape from an attacker that is 2 - 3x your size and/or strength.

These past few months we will have data compiled in over a dozen cities, including cities from Seattle to San Diego.  If we have the budget we'll head further East, but for now, we come out of pocket, putting our research to the ultimate test.

We're really excited to bring this program to the community as we believe it will help keep women and young girls safe.  I for one have come home bruised and scraped up from rolling around on the ground, with rocks and sticks stabbing into my back with guys that are 225 lbs on top of me, holding me down.  When I first felt it was necessary to actual go out and test in this manner, I knew it would be rough, but if we are going to develop a product designed to help save lives, then we better deliver.

Lon (Left), Colton (Middle), and Elle (right) - the creators of "Survival Science" roamed around Old Sacramento and State Capitol Park this afternoon introducing themselves to strangers and asking them if they wanted to partake in a free martial arts lesson in exchange for being a test subject.   Michael Poole - Photographer/Filmmaker has joined the team in order to create a cinematic and high production value approach to the project.