Friday, June 22, 2018

Parkour Olympic Challenge Results - June 2018 Summer Camps

Parkour Olympic Challenge is an event that takes place on the Friday of every summer camp. Here we test skills in a friendly competitive setting, to give the kids a chance to grow, and try their movement discipline in the form of an organized sport.  It's an opportunity to recognize the strengths of the students and build character through teamwork and sportsmanship. 

Each student has a chance to practice self-mastery through the study of a Movement Discipline.  It's important each child understands that they can be a part of a supportive and positive community, that will encourage and challenge the individual, to exceed their own expectations.    

6/11 Parkour & Freerunning Summer Camp

Tortals - Michael, Nicholas, Cal, Rylie, Gaia
Best Name - Tim, Jonathan, Andrew, Tyler
Flosceraptors - Easton, Reed, Brody, Nathan, Zachary 

Thief Precision - Flosceraptors
Kong Precision - Best Name

Precision - Best Name
Running Precision - Best Name

Longest Hang - Flosceraptors
5 Cat Climb Ups for time - Tortals
Warped wall - Flosceraptors

Tallest Wall Run - Best Name
Cat to Cat - Flosceraptors

Longest time Rail Balance On Feet - Flosceraptors
Longest time Rail Balance Quadrupedal Movement - Flosceraptors

Longest Handstand - Tortals

6/18 Parkour & Tumbling Summer Camp

Thief Precision - Matteo
Kong Precision - Will

Precision - Matteo
Running Precision - Matteo

Longest Hang - Nico
5 Cat Climb Ups for time - Nico
Warped wall - Matteo

Tallest Wall Run - Matteo

Longest dist Rail Balance On Feet - Dominic
Longest dist Rail Balance Quadrupedal Movement - Matteo
Longest time Rail Balance On Feet - Nico
Longest time Rail Balance Quadrupedal Movement - Nico

Longest Handstand - Chase
Best Foam Pit Trick - Will

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Our Online Self Defense Course made it to the Top 23

"Self Defense for Badass Women: Strike to Injure and Escape" made the list of the 23 Best Online Courses on Self Defense. Check out the review here -

Free Flow Academy's Self Defense Curriculum "Survival Science" was developed by Co-Founders Lon and Elle Beyer, and Martial Arts/Biomechanist Colton Fuller.  Professional Video and Photography by Michael Poole

The course was originally released online via 4 free videos with the option to buy the full course.  

Now the full course is offered on Udemy and Skillshare.  

The self defense course was designed as a direct response to the human trafficking issue in Sacramento County.  In 2013 the FBI ranked Sacramento as the second worst city in the US for human trafficking.  Martial Arts Expert/Co-Founder of Free Flow Academy - Elle Beyer decided to create a curriculum specifically for young girls and women ages 12-34 (the highest risk group for sexual assault and human trafficking).  She recruited her husband Shifu Lon Beyer, and colleagues Colton Fuller and Michael Poole to get on board with the project. She believed the best way to train the highest risk group for sexual assault, was to give them the complete and honest truth about the nature of being attacked.  She herself being nearly kidnapped and raped on two separate occasions (one of which was a near gang rape).  Her escape from the attackers had a profound effect on her, and was the catalyst for devoting so much of her time and energy into studying martial arts.  

After 15+ years of training she came to realize that training will do nothing for you, if you don't know how to play the mind game with the attackers. She delves into the "Dark Triad" and teaches practical psychology, so that young women can understand how they are being manipulated.  Most sexual assaults are committed by people they know and even trust.  Human Trafficking is a lifestyle that many girls are "lured" into through manipulation and exploitation.  Rather than teaching a multitude of techniques that cause information overload, she focuses on principles of movement, getting into shape, and finding a deep and primal will to survive at all cost.  "You're Life is Worth Protecting" is the motto. 

Other than the mental training, she teaches principles of movement, and how understanding the laws of physics is helpful, not because you can use it to your advantage, but because you know it will be your disadvantage.  A predator always preys on someone they think they can outsmart or physically dominate.  So she went out into the field, into downtown Sac, nearby parks, ect... to test their principles of movement on willing strangers/volunteers.  She would always pick the biggest guy around.  She had men 225 lb or larger restrain her, pull her hair, mount her, strangle her... Most of the techniques and principles worked.  But one time she had to fight off a trained MMA fighter.  As usual, the fight is always ugly, never goes as planned, and you have to continue to fight, even if you are raped.  Fighting for your life is primal, and there is no "one technique" that will save you.  You have to understand a few basic principles - fighting back verbally, attack to create space/injure, and flee. 

The course was recently voted TOP 23 ONLINE SELF DEFENSE COURSES


Friday, June 8, 2018

Parkour Olympic Challenge Events and Registration

Our Next Parkour Olympic Challenge take place Fall 2018! Stay tuned on upcoming details. In the meantime take a look at the events, get with your coach and see what you can work on.

Parkour Olympic Challenge

Thief Precision
Kong Precision
Running Precision
Highest Box Jump

Lache Precision
Lache Cat

Longest Hang
5 Cat Climb Ups for time
Dyno For Height
Most Muscle ups (Classes - W/ Elbows, and w/o Elbows)
Most Pull Overs

Tallest Wall Run
Cat to Cat
Tac to Precision

100m run
400m run
800m run

Longest Rail Balance On Feet
Longest Rail Balance Quadrupedal Movement

Quietest Backflip
Highest Front Flip
Furthest Side Flip

Longest Handstand