Monday, October 8, 2018

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Mike

Coach Mike is a front desk manager, Media Academy Instructor, and all around Mover.  Coach Mike has trained in Kung Fu, Parkour, Tumbling, and Aerial Silks and enjoys it all.  His handstands are legit too.  With a construction and media background, Coach Mike is a huge asset on the building design of Free Flow Academy's structures, as well as our Media department and marketing.  All of the awesome pictures and videos are done by Mike.  Anytime you need to talk about anything technical, politics, religion, movement... he's the guy to talk to.  He is a human encyclopedia, but friendly and fun, so you are bound to learn a ton with every conversation, and have a lot of laughs. 

He was a recent guest on our podcast - check it out!

Photo Credit:  Michael Poole
Photo Credit:  Michael Poole - some of his awesome photography skills

Another sweet shot done by Michael Poole


Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Chris

Coach Chris started off as a Free Flow Academy student, then an apprentice, and now is a Senior Coach and Private Event Manager.  Chris is known for his acrobatic skills and being a versatile athlete and performer.  Coach Chris teaches Parkour/Freerunning and Tumbling classes, and his students enjoy his love of advanced tricks and dynamic moves that are visually stunning and fun to practice.  He also performs Parkour/Freerunning and Tumbling, and is a skilled Aerialist.  

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Joe

Coach Joe has been with Free Flow Academy since it's humble beginnings.  First as a drop in open gym'er, then as an apprentice, and now a Senior Coach and Manager.  Free Flow Staff first took notice of Joe's amazing jumping ability, and as a teen, he was close to breaking the world record box jump.  His jumping technique sets him apart from other athletes, as well as his love for the arts.  He is a performer, musician, artist, entrepreneur, and a world class Parkour athlete.  Humble and friendly, and completely badass, Coach Joe is the guy to know.

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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Abi

Coach Abi came to Free Flow Academy first as a student, then an apprentice, and now a beloved coach among many Free Flow Academy students.  Coach Abi is known for her ability to break down skills extremely well, and being organized.  Kind but Firm is her approach, and students are expected to be on time and to work hard.  She has a very unique artistic style and voice in the Aerial community, and is a creative talent in the visual arts.  Besides being an Aerial Artist, she is also a photographer and visual artist, and she has a knack for choreography, putting together interesting and original works of movement art for her personal pieces, and for her students and colleagues.

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Jewelle

Coach Jewelle is a Navy Vet, badass chick, with a great energy.  She completed a 3 month Aerial Silks apprenticeship and 2 month Lyra Internship at Free Flow Academy, and has been training in Aerial Silks and Lyra for more than 6 years.  She's a very inspiring individual as she's overcome a lot of challenges pertaining to her relationship with her body.  She is an amazing artist and athlete and is a force of talent.  She performs professionally all around the State at festivals and corporate shows.  She currently teaches Aerial Silks and Lyra.  She is also known for her amazing hoop dance talents.  

Free Flow Academy Instructor Bio - Coach Grace

Coach Grace has been with Free Flow Academy since 2016, first as a student, then an apprentice and now a Senior Aerial Instructor.  Grace has a classical dance (jazz/ballet) and gymnastics background.  After finding Aerial Silks, she decided to make Aerial a main focus, and is now an Aerial Silks veteran having been trained all over the US (East Coast, West Coast, Mid West, and even Hawaiian Islands).  She has a good grasp on how Aerial is being taught and developed on the Western Hemisphere.  She has spent the last decade living nomadically, she's extremely intelligent, cultured, and has a warm heart.  Her students find her to be very nurturing and an inspiring creative talent.

A Note from Coach Grace:  I am super passionate about teaching, even more so than performing. I really enjoy seeing my students grow in self confidence by facing any fears and realizing their potential. It's my goal to help my students grow every time I see them.