Monday, March 30, 2020

Movement Library

The following library contains movements and reference links that are in-house produced by The Parkour & Performing Arts Center or selectively curated content from the public domain. Please continue checking back as we add content daily.

Photo By Michael Poole
Athletes - Chris Alexander, Joe Unruh, Corey Romines, Nathan Doan
Warm Up Movements:

Shoulder Rolls - (Ukemi application)

Dash Vault Progression Tutorial:

Conditioning Drills:
Pull Ups -  
Sprints -  
Tuck Jumps - 
Hollow Body Holds - 
Lemon Squeezes -


Butterfly Stretch - (In this Video)
Squat Sways - (In this Video)
Straddle Stretches - (In this Video)
Pike Stretch - (In this Video)
Quad Stretch - (In this Video)
Shaping Hamstring Stretch - (In this Video)
Photo by Steve Batz
Athletes - Lon Beyer & Elle Beyer

Photo by Michael Poole
Athletes - Elle Beyer & Colton Fuller

Kung Fu & Self Defense

Warm Up Movements:
Arm Rotations - 
Hip Rotations - 
Arm/Chest Dynamic Stretches - 
Knee Rotations - 
Angle/Wrist/Elbow Rotations - 
Jumping Jacks - (In this video)
Picking up Leaves - 

Line Drills:
Stretch Kicks - 
Outside Crescent Kick - 
Inside Crescent Kick - 
Side Kick - 
Sparrow Kick - 
Crane Kick - 
Tornado Kick - 
Jump Flying Side Kick - 
Handstands - 

Striking Skills (Hands):

Striking Skills (Legs)


Escape from Attack’s from Behind -

Other Skills

Conditioning Drills:
Push Ups - 
Supported Pushups - 
Leg Lifts - 
V-ups - 
Squats - 
Pull Ups - 
Sprints - 
Tuck Jumps - 
Hollow Body Holds - 
Leg Lifts - (In this Video)
Plank to Push Up Position - (In this Video)

Calf Raises - (In this Video)

Self Defense Principles:

Photo by Steve Batz
Athlete - Elle Beyer

Weapons & Choreography

Primitive Weapons using Household Items -

Photo by Michael Poole
Athlete - Jess Waters

Aerial Silks
Warmup Movements

Postures from the Knot
Skywalk -

Hip Key -
Split Entry to Knee Tangle -

Skills from Basic Climb
Hip Swivels -

Skills from Military Climb
Hip Key from Military Climb -
Rolling Russian Climb -

Skills from the Single Footlock
Standing Hip Lean -
Music Box -

Intermediate Skills from Basic Climb
Wheel Down -
Back Balance -

Intermediate Skills from Double Footlock
Split Roll to Butterfly -
Eagle Drop to Split -
Gypsy Roll to Butterfly -
Front Flip Splits -

Intermediate Skills from the Hip Key
Elsie Drop -

Intermediate Skills from Strong Hold
Double Scorpion Drop -

Other Intermediate Skills
Scorpion -

Dynamic Movement

Photo by Michael Poole
Athlete - Josh Waters


Photo by Mark Behren's
Athletes - Tyler Chang & Sarah Cabigas

Stunt & Film

Photo by Michael Poole
Athletes - Joe Unruh, Jared Huber, Nathan Doan

Other References

Power Swipe into Forward Roll -

Monday, March 23, 2020

Essential Item Swap Center

Do you have a SURPLUS of Essential Items that you would like to SWAP for something else?

Here is how the swap works:

- Check the List below
- Schedule your Private Hour to pick up your distance learning supplies
- Bring something ESSENTIAL to swap
- Take something you NEED

THE LIST (updated 3/23/2020)

What WE have:

Toilet Paper - We have a lot of toilet paper we can't use because the holes are not large enough to fit in our dispensers (that's what happens when you have to buy from a different supplier because your old supplier is sold out).  Plus we have ceased our day to day operations, so we won't need all this TP until the directives are lifted!               

Donated Clothing

Donated Canned Food

Health Products

What YOU bring will be added to the list and updated...

Loaner Equipment Inventory

Partial List - Loaner Equipment Inventory

Panel Mats
Crash Mats
Wedge Mat
2' Vault
3' Vault
3' Box
Precision Blocks
Rail Trainers
Precision Trainers

Aerial Silks:
Aerial Silks w/Rigging
Crash Mat

Martial Arts:
Kick Pads
Focus Mitts
Precision Pads
Hanging Kick Bag
Free Standing Kick Bag
Bo Staffs
Broad Swords
Long Swords
Double Swords
Chain Whip
Rope Dart
Throwing Knives
Throwing Axes
Throwing Spikes
Head Protectors
Chest Protectors

General Fitness:
Medicine Balls
Foam Rollers
Suspension Trainers
Jump Ropes


Photography Lights
Light Stands
Green Screen
Green Screen Stand

Distance Learning Supplies include Loaner equipment to enrolled members such as panel mats, precision blocks, small vaults, gloves/mitts, kick pads, kick bags, aerial silks and rigging, ect.  

Supplies can be loaned out 1 week at a time, and will be cleaned/disinfected before/after use, and will not be loaned out again for at least 3 days after return.  

Supplies can be used indoors or outdoors, and there will be instructions on how to safely use the equipment with your online distance learning curriculum.  

We will have a simple check in/check out method with little or no in person interaction.  You have a 1 hour window to pick up your supplies.  If you miss your window you will need to sign up for a different time slot.  

Most of our loaner equipment can go into a car or trunk.  Panel mats and larger loaner items will need a vehicle with fold down seats, such as an SUV, or a truck with a bed.  

Loaner equipment requires a card on file and there will be a $25 - $100 charge to items that are returned damaged (depending on the equipment value), or a $200-$300 charge for non-returned items.  Loaner items are 1 week rentals (7 days) and are included with your membership.  A $10 late charge will be applied for every day an item is not returned.  You can not “roll over” loaner items (take none one week, and then take 6 items on the following week).  If you miss your weekly pick up window you can reschedule within the week.  If you sign up for a #2, #3, #4 membership you can take all of your items for the week on the first appointment, and then return/swap out additional equipment later in the week.   

Loaner Equipment (LE) Memberships are designed to be per household.  Online curriculum is included with memberships and can be shared within immediate family/household.  Additional online curriculum/disciplines can be purchased separately.  Certain loaner items can be duplicated if we have equipment availability, but generally mats and vaults are per household and cannot be duplicated.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Weapons & Choreography Class Description

There is a great deal of fun to be had when learning how to fight with swords.  This class is for your inner Jedi/Ninja/Warrior.  Learning how to RESPONSIBLY use weapons is an undertaking that requires honorable character and attention to detail.  The Way of the Warrior is a life long study that is for people who want to learn the skills necessary to protect their body, their mind, and body and mind of others.

Here are a few reasons to take our Weapons & Choreography Class: 

For Example...

How to prepare for class:

- Wear Exercise Clothes
- Wear Shoes
- Be Mentally prepared to learn proper weapon training etiquette
- Be Mentally prepared to train in a SLOW and CONTROLLED setting
- Be Mentally prepared to learn what it takes to perfect a skill (through progression based training)

Weapons requires patience.  You may find in other environments, there is a consequence for patience.  In Weapons class, patience is required because making one small mistake will cost you BIG and possibly alter your life in a negative way forever.  There are moments where we get to be playful in class, in fact, we play a lot.  But there are times where we must be very seriously focused and understand we are in an unforgiving terrain that requires our absolute focus and attention.  We build good habits from the beginning.  This is a must.  

We start off with foam weapons, then move to wood, Polyethylene plastic, foil, and then steel.  You will never receive a steel weapon until you have proven your skills in foam, wood, plastic, and foil.  You must exercise perfect precision and etiquette during your training years before you graduate to hold and test in a steel weapon.  

Expect 2+ years of training before you move to steel weapons (with exception to projectiles which are introduced within the first 6 months of training).  

Current Weapon Graduation Requirements:

Staff - Must be able to crack a watermelon and demonstrate an 80 movement choreographed form.

Sword - Must be able to slice a suspended apple hurled in the air at 10 mph and demonstrate an 80 movement form


Above at 25 mph and demonstrate a 60 movement form


Above at 35 mph and demonstrate a 40 movement form


Above at any speed above 50 mph and demonstrate a 30 movement form

AND - peel an apple by slicing it 100 times without cutting the apple in half - this exercise must be done in under 2 minutes.

Nunchucks - Must be able to consecutively strike a ball 5x hurled in the air with reverse spin in between each strike and perform a 30 movement form

Chain Whip - Must be able to strike the bulls eye of a target containing a small paper cup. The dart must penetrate the bottom and collect the cup, and you must cleanly manipulate the chain and dart/cup back to an active grip (Think Scorpion Move from Mortal Combat) and perform a 30 movement form

Throwing Projectiles & Saber - Must be able to strike the bulls eye area of a target with choice of projectiles (knives, axes, or shuriken) 3x and perform 10 saber disarming tactics