Thursday, January 8, 2015

Demo Team Minimum Requirements

Season 2 Tryouts are coming up Saturday January 24th.  12:30pm for Kids and 2:30pm for Teens/Adults

NeoFlow Requirements

1. All team members will be required to have an Extended Membership plus Tribe (or
an equivalent family membership or greater).

2. All team members will be on Autopay (unless otherwise discussed with Elle, Nate or

3. All team members will be expected to take 3 classes per week: Demo Team
practice, an additional parkour or tumbling class, and 1 strength, balance or landings

4. All team members will be required to purchase a uniform before first performance!
No uniform, no performance. The uniform will consist of a black pair of pants (of
your choosing) and a NeoFlow t-shirt, available for purchase at the front desk.

5. All members will be required to participate in the Spring Showcase and any
scheduled rehearsal dates. (see calendar for dates)

6. If you miss 3 or more practices or performances you will no longer be able to
participate on the NeoFlow team for the remainder of the season.

7. If you are unable to make the performance practice before a scheduled event, you
will not be able to perform at the event.

Team B Requirements:

1. Front Flip on Ground
2. Back Flip on Ground
3. Side flip on Flat
4. Back handspring
5. Front handspring
6. Round off Back flip AND Round off Back handspring
7. Handstand 5-10 seconds open floor, or 60 seconds on wall (nose and toes)

1. Must have knowledge of and be able to execute ALL vaults (see skill sheet at desk
for list)
2. Climb up, no elbows
3. Precision, 1.5x height
4. Cat leap, 3ft to 6ft at a distance of 1.5x height
5. Must be able to properly execute a Parkour roll
6. Tack to dive roll
7. Wall spin

1. 5 pull ups, 5 chin ups
2. 3 muscle ups
3. 5 no swing leg raises
4. 5 dips
5. Pull over
6. 10 solid pushups
7. 5 controlled squats with 1/2 your body weight weight vest OR 30 controlled squats
with no additional weight

Team A Requirements:

1. Front Flip into Foam Pit, with landing mat
2. Back Flip off Panel Mat in Foam Pit
3. Cartwheel, regular and one handed
4. Round off
5. Spotted Front Handspring
6. Spotted Back Handspring
7. 40 second Handstand on Wall

1. Know how to do the following Vaults: Safety, Monkey, Thief, and 2-step reverse
2. Climb up with no knees
3. Precision length of your height
4. Cat leap, 2ft to 5ft, height distance
5. Parkour Roll

1. 2 Pull ups
2. 10 knee tucks on bars
3. 2 dips
4. 5 solid push ups
5. 20 slow-controlled squats

Uniform (only if you weren't on Season I Demo Team) - $60
Monthly Membership - Extended $105 (includes the Extended Membership & Tribe membership)
Occasional travel/expenses (Team Trip 1x per season) - $80

Practice Times:
Monday 5:30pm-7:30pm (Team A team practice) & an additional class (Parkour or Tumbling Class of your choice), and a MINIMUM of one Tribe class per week.

Wednesday 5:30pm-7:30pm (Team B team practice) & an additional class (Parkour or Tumbling Class of your choice), and a MINIMUM of one Tribe class per week.

**6 months
**You can expect to have 1-2 days per month for performances, service oriented project, or photo/video shoot.
**Be a LEADER, represent the gym well. Be respectful at all times to yourself, to all people, in all environments.