Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Parkour Olympic Challenge - Results

Parkour Olympic Challenge Results
2017 Fall Quarter Parkour Olympic Challenge Winners
Congratulations to everyone who competed!  Our next Challenge will be January 2018.  Stay tuned or ask Coach Corey for details (  
  • 5-8 (NA)
  • 9-13 (Matthew Maxim) 1:41.79
  • 14 + (Ryan Robinson)  1:13.72
Olympic Challenges
  • (Teen/Adult) Thief Precision - 3’
  • Kong Precision -
  • (9-13) Standing Precision (Matthew Maxim) 7’
  • (5-8) Standing Precision (Jordan Wall) 4’ 11”
  • (Teen/Adult)Standing Precision - (Brad Langston) 7’ 8”
  • (5-8) Running Precision - (Audric Pail) 4’ 10”
  • (9-13) Running Precision (Matthew Maxim) 8’3”
  • (Teen/Adult) Running Precision - (Brad Langston) 7’ 8”
  • (Teen/Adult) Lache Precision - (Brad Langston) 7’ 3”
  • (Teen/Adult) Lache Cat - (Ryan Robinson) 8’ 2”
  • (5-8) Tac to Precision - (AJ Pail) 5’ 4”
  • (9-13) Tac To Precision - (Matthew Maxim) 6’ 9”
  • (Teen/Adult) Tac to Precision - (Brad Langston) 6’
(Events for Height)
  • Highest Box Jump
  • Dyno
  • (5-8) Wall Run - (Jordan Wall) 5’ 11”
  • (9-13) Wall Run - (Matthew Maxim) 10’ 3”
  • (Teen/Adult) Wall Run - (Ryan Robinson) 11’ 2”
  • Front Flips 
(Events for Reps or for Time)
  • (Teen/Adult) Longest Hang (Brad Langston) 1:04.33
  • (5-8) Longest Hang - (Bruce Langston) 1:19.11
  • (5-8) 5 Cat Climb Ups for Time - (Audric Pail) 23.96
  • (Teen/Adult) 5 Cat Climb Ups for time - (Tyler Pomerance) 49.63
  • Most Muscle ups
  • Most Pull Overs
  • (5-8) Longest Rail Balance - (AJ Pail) 49.27
  • (9-13) Longest Rail Balance - (Matthew Maxim) 29.94
  • (Teen/Adult) Longest Rail Balance - (Brad Langston) 1:30.29
  • Longest Handstand
(Events for Speed)
  • (Teen/Adult) 100m run (Ryan Robinson) 11:45 seconds
  • 400m run
  • 800m run
  • (9-13) 100m Quadrupedal Movement (Matthew Maxim) 48.45
  • (Events for Technique/Landing)
  • Quietest Backflip

Free Flow Academy Class Description - CONTEMPORARY DANCE

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.  Many dancers in the commercial/competition world refer to their contemporary jazz as contemporary. Just like a Picasso is different than a Monet, modern dance is different than ballet. Contemporary Dance is a collaborative style that includes modern, jazz, ballet, and hip hop elements.

Free Flow Academy's Contemporary Dance program is for students looking to achieve proficiency or mastery in basic movement fundamentals - flexibility, strength, poise, rhythm, coordination, spacial awareness, physical confidence, and motor fitness.  Our program is designed to build a strong foundation in movement, while developing skills that can translate to other movement disciplines.  We also prepare students to enter our media program if their goal is to perform in stage, films, and musicals.

Movements are progression based.  Students will learn basic hand and foot positions (ballet), turns, leaps, choreography, and other movements that build a foundation for more advanced techniques.

Jazz shoes are required for this class.  Some dances will be taught barefoot, but shoes will be needed for many types of routines, especially for students looking to do film or musicals.  We also recommend wearing tight fitted clothing, such as leggings and leotards.  We recommend Capezio Jazz Shoes.

Our Dance program follows our 3/7 Core Values - Growth, Integrity, and Friendship.  Free Flow Academy Participants and Staff commit to 3 main core values. Each of these core values have 7 influences that guide and direct the characteristics of each value, and serve as a continual reminder to our own pursuit of excellence. our community is diversified, however we share a common mindset that unifies and establishes an optimal environment for innovation as well as pursuits that serve the hive, and the individual.

All people of goodwill and Genuine spirit are welcome to join our community and adopt our growth mindset. Here you will find we praise effort and talent. As long as you are willing to work and grow, you will find a place here among us.

Click here to view our SKILL SHEETS

Click here to read about our TRAINERS (Ms. Melissa) (Ms. Elle)

Free Flow Academy - Instructor Bio - Ms. Melissa

Education & Instruction

Melissa has 4 years of comprehensive dance training in the disciplines of Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Contemporary dance. These disciplines emphasized the technical, theatrical, creative, and fitness components of dance, including daily instruction on technique, dance history, theory, choreography, and artistry.  Melissa has been teaching and choreographing song and dance numbers to children ages 6+ for the past 3 years.  She loves working with children, having 2 of her own.  She has recently taken up Aerial Silks to challenge herself as a dancer and athlete.  Her and her husband also enjoy partner dancing.  She is hungry to grow the dance department at Free Flow Academy, and isn't afraid of a new challenge.  Her pioneering spirit and visionary mind is what makes Ms. Melissa such a valuable addition to the Free Flow Academy team, and we are excited to have her!