Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Free Flow Academy Class Description - PARKOUR/FREERUNNING

Parkour - Parkour is a movement discipline that involves running, jumping, climbing, vaulting, and acrobatics.  Parkour was developed by a group of 9 athletes in France called the Yamakasi.  They revolutionized the way many people and fitness professionals view the human body; what it is capable of doing and becoming.  Parkour could be seen as a crossbreed between rock climbing, gymnastics, and martial arts, and is considered a functional fitness modality.  The purpose of Parkour is to overcome any obstacle in your path as efficiently as possible.  Parkour is used extensively in films/movies and stunt work, however it is highly useful in survival scenarios.  Fire brigades, military, and law enforcement agencies have incorporated Parkour programming into their training as a way to raise the bar in overall fitness, and utility in the field.  Parkour is also an organized sport in some countries, and is rapidly growing as a worldwide recognized sport.  Sporting events are similar to track meets, in that challenges range in a variety of "events" that are specific to jumping, vaulting, bar work, or speed courses.  Other competitions resemble "American Ninja Warrior" type events. Spartan/Tough Mudder racers, and fans of American Ninja Warrior often train in Parkour to get the edge on their competition.

Freerunning - An offshoot of Parkour, Freerunning is a movement discipline developed by Sebastian Foucan.  Freerunning is a crossbreed of Parkour, Gymnastics, and Tricking.  Freerunning emphasizes more self expression, rather than efficient movement.  Freerunning is gaining popularity as a sport, which involves flow work and more extreme style stunts and tricks.

Free Flow Academy's Approach: