Sunday, December 8, 2019

Throw a Show with us and get 50% of Door Sales

We have already officially announced that we will be renaming our company to The PPAC (pronounced "the pack). This is an acronym for The Parkour & Performing Arts Center.

Classes, memberships, workshops, and special events will continue.  But you will notice a recognizable difference in the amount of shows and events we host as a performing arts center and event venue.

Here are a few things we would like you to know if you decide to throw a show with us.

1) If you throw a show with us you will receive 50% of the door sales, plus the full amount of any add'l revenue you generate, such as vendor sales, photography/video content, you set up. 

2) As the venue we may want to sell concessions, or have our own vendors (relevant to the theme or content of your event). Since we front the cost of the concessions and time to gather vendors, we receive the full amount of those sales. If you plan on having vendors or concessions, let us know within 4 weeks of your event, so we do not compete with each other.

3) We allow the coordinators to be non-paying, and up to 5 non-paying crew members from your team. If you have more than 5 non-paying volunteers/guests/vip's, their potential sales revenue comes out of your cut of the 50% door sales.

4) If you hire crew, you pay them out of your cut. If we hire crew to manage the event, we pay them out of our cut.  We will need to coordinate this ahead of time.

5) If you are planning a showcase/spectator type event, we will give you free rehearsal space up to 8 weeks prior to the show. You must be an established performance troupe or organization in order to obtain this type of access. 

6) All events are different. You may need an extended amount of time to set up, or tear down. All these logistics will be discussed ahead of time and cannot impact our regular classes and operations.

7) We always have a manager on site during our events. We are here to take care of first aid, maintain house rules, and take care of emergencies. 

8) Things to consider: Our Venue provides restrooms, lots of indoor space, and outdoor space, 150+ seating, plentiful free parking, drinking fountain, safety equipment, cpr/first aid trained staff, fully stocked first aid and cleaning supplies, cash/card register, pre-registration for your event, in house marketing to a database of 10,000+ people through social media, newsletter, and our day to day clientele, a complete and thorough sales manifest of your event, staffing for your event, and much more.