Monday, December 4, 2017

2018 Survival Training & Outdoor Preparation Courses

Free Flow Academy is a proud partner and affiliate of S.T.O.P (Survival Training & Outdoor Preparation) .

Free Flow Academy clients receive a 20% discount.  CODE: FREEFLOW when registering to save!  Must RSVP 2 weeks before event
Location:  Free Flow Academy

For more information on S.T.O.P Click HERE

2018 Event Calendar:

Disaster Preparedness and 72 Hour Kit/Go Bag Prep
February 11th
September 22nd

CPR/First Aid Certification 
February 17th

Wilderness First Aid and Apothecary Class
March 3/4
November 3/4

Active Shooter and Unlawful Detainment
April 8th
October 21

Urban Movement and Grey Man Theory
May 19/20th