Saturday, April 4, 2015

Film making and Parkour

There are several reasons why I believe film making and visual media content is important.  For one, it's the most powerful and influential tool that we have today.  Media and visual content influences the way we think, but more importantly, the lessons and/or warnings we learn in life come from stories we tell.

When I was in film school, I was fascinated with the way films are in fact a combination of all the arts - while fusing the latest and most innovative technology that is available on the market.  It's part science, engineering, and art - but it also serves as a unique relic of our time, our perspectives, and tells a great deal about each demographic it serves.

As I gained more insight into the world of producing, I realized that making films was intricately woven into the much grander tapestry of economics.  It's an art form that is not only a collaborative art process, a brain machine of ingenuity - but also an artifact that has the potential to fuel entire industries for generations.

Since having opened Free Flow Academy, and for the past 3 years, been working on growing and building a sophisticated artistic community - one that first and foremost understands their body, their needs, and limitations, while encouraging people to fulfill their highest potential.  Then delivering an environment that is invariably persistent in self-expression, and exploration.  We do our best to combine the Science of methodology, with the Art of expression and style.  Now with our community numbers growing higher than ever before, our next step is to create opportunities for those athletes and artists, to share their talent.  Teaching/Coaching methodology will always be necessary to carry on our disciplines, but the fact remains that we still need Artists to inspire, to bring to life that which we have worked so hard to achieve.  This is where film making comes into play.

In a nutshell, I fell in love with film making, and respected the power that it held, which led me to the belief that you shouldn't make movies just because you feel like it.  Making movies is simply way too much work to do for the hope of money, or glory, or fame.  You don't sculpt a marble statue of David, just because you felt like it one day.  You do it because you hope to leave behind something iconic.  You do it because you feel you need to offer up something that serves as a kind of hieroglyph.  Just like our ancestors drew paintings on the walls of caves, we have the ability to communicate to the world that will come after ours has died and diminished into the ashes of time. You communicate your way of life, the dangers both real and imagined in our world.  You tell your story, with the hope that your story lives on and inspires others.

- Elle Beyer

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