Monday, April 2, 2018

The PPAC Instructor Bio - Coach Corey

Coach Corey is Co-Founder of The PPAC

Corey is known to be one of the original founding members of the Sacramento Parkour community. Over the past decade he has trained thousands of students, and has certified and trained dozens of coaches.  Corey is a major proponent of safe and sustainable training. His teaching and training methods have been used by multiple gyms in the Greater Sac region

Corey's Bio (in his own words):
I started playing around with common movements and helped build the community of Sacramento Parkour. At the time I didn't realize I was cultivating a community.  I was just having fun, doing something I was, and still passionate about.  Studying the discipline of Parkour brought me to the knowledge of how the human body functions and moves.  But more importantly, it opened my mind to all of it's possibilities. 

I applied my knowledge and passion in a variety of ways, from working at a physical therapy center to hosting community jams, and working for local gymnastic centers.  I also toured Europe, backpacking and spending time with Parkour Generation Affiliates.

Parkour led me to so many different and interesting experiences, so I decided to fully commit to spreading Parkour by opening an Academy with my friends Elle and Lon Beyer.  We decided to make a business out of what we are most passionate about, and create a place where we could cultivate a love for movement in a safe and comfortable environment.

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