Saturday, July 26, 2014

Gym Wish List

With our expansion already in effect, we just became the largest parkour gym in California.  Which means we have our work cut out for us, to make our play space the way we originally envisioned.

Improving our Gym - how you can help

All of our operating expenses are covered by memberships but in order to improve and upgrade the gym as well as fund our outreach and scholarship programs, we rely on other funding sources, such as fundraisers, donations, and resourcefulness. We have incredible volunteers who scour Craigslist for us, or simply keep their eyes and ears peeled for anything that the gym might be able to use. You would even be surprised, that what you have laying around in your garage, might be useful to us.

Here is a list of what we currently could use:

Wood Screws (the black ones that are awesome) 2" and 3"
Extension Cords (25' or more)
Lumber (studs and 1/2" or 3/4" plywood)
Wood putty
Sand paper
Rubber Stall Mats
Black paint
Drill bits
Rock Climbing Holds
Gymnastics panel mats, crash mats, and pit mats
Medicine balls
Large Stability/Balance Balls
Cargo Netting
Climbing Ropes
Tennis Balls
Duct Tape

Furthermore, if you are skilled in event planning, and would like to host a fundraiser that would benefit the gym and our community, we would certainly appreciate it! 

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