Saturday, July 5, 2014

Parkour Leaves No Trace and Builds Community

One of the most wonderful things about the Parkour community in the Greater Sacramento Region is the commitment to "Leave No Trace."  Parkour is all about adapting, relying, and using the environment around you.  I think what's truly unique about it, is that because you spend so much time in your environment, you grow to care of it, rely on it, and develop a unique bond.  For example, if you climb a tree, the branches are not just branches - they are your life net.  You sincerely rely on the strength of the branches, the traction from the bark, the design of tree to help you gain a very unique experience, that strengthens your own body and your own mind.  If you climb a wall, or pass a vault, you grow an appreciation for the architect, or the hands that built that obstacle.  The materials used, the design of the structure, holds significance in your eyes, and for every obstacle you overcome, you know you are stronger for it, thanks be for the ones who created the obstacles in the first place.  I have never known a sport or discipline that had such a connection to the world, physically, mentally, and spiritually.  What's more, is the commitment to community, that is very prevalent in both the online and home communities of which the practitioners evolve.  Jam sessions of all kinds are held, which include weekly, monthly, annual jams voluntarily hosted by a variety of practitioners, who open up their jams to the community.  A welcoming spirit is always present, giving newcomers a comfortable place to start and to feel accepted.  There are many ways to get involved with the Parkour community, which are totally free and are non-exclusive.  If you're thinking about taking up Parkour, but don't know where to start, check your local community and see if there are any gyms in your local area, or local parkour groups who generally have frequent jam sessions.  Usually you can locate these groups online via facebook, Instagram, or other social network. 

NeoFlow Parkour reaches out to the community through workshops and performances
Free Flow Academy hosts a "Leave No Trace" event every quarter.

NorCal Parkour holds weekly jams.  Anyone is invited to participate.
Placer and Sacramento County folks gather weekly at Bella Vista high school to jam, headed up by PK veteran Victor Lo Forte.

Folsom Parkour jam.  Anyone interested in learning are invited to attend.

Parkour is a sport and a discipline that celebrates life, humanity, and exploration.

Written by:  Elle Beyer

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