Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Re-Child Yourself - The Ultimate Anti-Aging Program

In March 2010 Elle Magazine put out an article entitled "Good Vibrations" a basic summary of how cosmetic companies were moving to products that vibrated the skin on the face to produce anti-aging results, to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  The technology behind it was inspired by the Sonic Care toothbrush.  Nuskin, Sephora, Ulta, and pretty much every major cosmetic line was getting on board with tools that would shake up the molecules on your face to gently exfoliate and use vibrations to make you look younger.  That article was released 6 years ago, but the Science behind "Good Vibrations" maintains its straight forward data.  In 2001 NASA released an article about Vibration Therapy being used in space, to maintain the health of astronauts.  In a nutshell, your cells need to move.  If you they don't move, then they die.  Gravity is good for us, and having that constant force against our cells causes our molecules to constantly move and adapt to the changing environment.  If we did not have the force of gravity, we would experience muscle atrophy, lose bone density, and experience extremely rapid breakdown of our body tissues.

So with that in mind consider how exercise causes good vibration - all that jumping, running, water treading, landing, and overall movement loads your body and gets your molecules moving and heating up.  They become stronger, denser, more adaptable, giving your overall appearance, a more youthful shine.  Ever wonder why rock stars look so young?  Plastic surgery may be the reason, but consider how much vibration they create with music?  There is Science to back up vibrational therapy, sound healing, and all those jazz concerts that you like to groove to, move to, and experience those "Good Vibes".

If you want to stay young and youthful looking, look for activities that are going to give you opportunities to get your vibes on.  One of the the things Free Flow Academy is known for is "The Energy".  People often comment on getting a "Good Vibe" when they come in.  Well!  Here's the Scientific news:  That "good vibe" could very well be because there are a lot of vibrations being created within our facility.  Furthermore, we don't age or shape discriminate.  We have people young and old, every shape and size, doing what we do.  Rechild yourself and be rewarded with lasting youth.

Get back in touch with who you REALLY are at Free Flow Academy, the largest and most diversified Parkour gym on the West Coast.

Life is short, so create beautiful experiences!

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